Norton Refund: Cancel Account, Stop Norton’s Auto-Renewal and Get Norton Refunds

How to Cancel My Norton Account, Stop auto-renewal and get Refunds?

If you are looking for Norton refund by cancelling your Norton Security account and suspension of the Auto-renewal feature, then do not worry. Here we have covered every detail about the Norton account cancellation process as well as giving a halt to its Automatically-renewal.

Norton Security is one of the world’s leading malware protection company which has catered the needs of millions of customers. It is the responsibility of every brand to make things easy for its consumers and that is exactly what we do at Norton. If you have an existing Norton Security account which you no longer wish to use, then we are sharing a step-by-step guide which will make the entire process a lot easier for you. Please keep in mind that Norton 360 / Antivirus and internet security software are the registered trademarks of NortonLifeLock.

We have Norton’s step-by-step descriptive guide for you on:

  • How to cancel your Norton account?
  • How to suspend the Norton Auto-renewal?
  • How to get your full refunds?

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When it comes to using services and products, everyone has a preference and we understand that. If at any point you do not wish to use Norton service in your devices and plan on cancelling your Norton account then all you have to do is follow this simple procedure. Norton antivirus features can be used by download, Symantec products are available through worldwide in not only english but others too, language can be changed in other countries accordingly.

But before moving ahead, please keep in my mind that cancellation of Norton security account leads to loss of your currently owned product’s support.

Let us look at the Norton’s cancellation process.

  1. First, you need to “Sign-in” to your Norton account.
  2. Once your account page opens, locate the “My Subscriptions” tab. (If you are unable to find the tab, please contact the customer support)
  3. If you are considering cancelling your Norton account then you should always do that prior to the renewal date as processing all the necessary steps and data takes time.
  4. In case the renewal date has passed, please contact Norton customer service refund before moving ahead with further steps.
  5. To suspend the automatic renewal of your account, please cancel Norton LifeLock subscription.
  6. Norton security provides you a special feature that allows you to cancel your service without worrying about any malware attack. Even if you cancel the service, the data in your devices will remain protected till the date for which you had made paid in your previous payment.
  7. Cancelling bundles and packs.

Cancel My Account- Assured Refunds by Symantec

  • Whether you have purchased a single product or an entire bundle package, you can choose to cancel that one product or even the full package as per your needs.
  • Cancellation of any one service out of the entire bundle pack will not affect other service on the list.
  • The bundle package is better on the price point, too. You will be paying lesser cost than what you are paying for the individual services.
  • To compare the pricing, you can check for the overall price you are paying for your products and then check the renewal prices.
  • In case you need any help with the comparison in the prices, please feel free to contact our Norton product experts.
  • If you want to cancel the entire bundle package, you may do it by moving to the “My Subscription” tab.
  • You do not have to worry about undergoing serious security threats as your devices remain covered by Norton till the time you have made your previous payment for.
  • Depending on the refund policy, you may get some refund after cancelling your subscription.




Norton Refund Policy: Annual /Monthly Subscriptions

If you have purchased a plan for a year or more, or a perpetual license and now after cancelling your services you are looking for some refunds for the packages then please go through the following steps.

  • While making the purchase of your Norton Anti-virus, you must check the 60 days money-back guarantee feature. This feature is quite useful.
  • As per the refund eligibility criteria, if you make a request to cancel your Norton Service within this 60-day window then you are eligible for a refund.
  • Whether you have chosen a monthly or an yearly payment plan, it does not really matter. All you need to do is request the cancellation process within these initial 60 days of your purchase.
  • With Norton Ultimate Help Desk 1 you also get the option of getting a refund if you request for cancellation within 30 days of purchase.


Monthly Subscription

During the purchase, if you opted for monthly payments for your services then please read these guidelines to know about the refund eligibility criteria for you.

  • Norton not only provides an easy 60 days money-back guarantee on the annual payment option, but it also gives a great option to those who have chosen to pay on the monthly basis.
  • In case you opted to pay monthly, you are eligible to get a refund if you choose to place a request for it within first 14 days of your purchase.
  • Norton offers 14 days money-back guarantee on monthly packages.
  • If you cancel your services, Norton will provide protection to your devices till the period you had made your previous payment for.
  • Norton Ultimate Help Desk 3 helps with the refund on monthly packages, if applied to cancel the services within initial 14 days after the purchase.

Please keep it in account that Norton’s refund policy and the amount of refund can differ in case you have purchased any of the services from a third-party platform such as; Play store, App store, Reseller, Retailer, Vendor, etc. For setup visit

If you have confusions about going for the Norton cancellation refund then you can contact Norton experts anytime and they will help you with the same.

In case you are not from Asia, but from the UK then, to turn-off your Norton auto renewal and get the refund, please contact at our UK’s Norton refund contact number.

Norton 360 Cancel Subscription

Norton is an all-in-one solution for the security of your data and devices. It comes with a qualifying auto-renewal subscription. This includes:

  • Norton 360 and Norton 360 plus with LifeLock plans. It also comprises of Norton Anti-virus plus.
  • There are various other plans, such as: Norton Security plans, Norton Internet Security, Norton Antivirus, Norton 360, Norton 360 Multi-Device, Norton Small Business, Norton Security plans, and Norton Core Security plans.

If in case our experts are unable to repair your defective product then you can get a sure refund for that. Let us look at some plans:

  • Before starting, make sure that you have a qualifying automatically renewing subscriptions.
  • The refund amount will be as decided as per the bundled package you have purchased.
  • The amount of tax, duties and other costs will be according to the country you live in.
  • The refunds will be the total amount of refund as per your subscription pack, whether it is for a single product or for bundle packages.


Norton Antivirus Subscription Refunds UK

  • Unfortunately, if you had opted for one-year Complimentary Virus Protection Promise along with your purchased product then there will be no refund.
  • In case you have purchased a qualifying subscription and later on you add some other products, if you wish to cancel some of these additional products then, you will get refund only for the amount which you spent the last time.
  • IoT devices such as televisions, thermostats, refrigerators, cameras, and baby monitors are not eligible for refund.
  • Only products such as PCs, Mac, Android and iOS devices are eligible for refunds.
  • If you have purchased your subscription from a third-party then you will be asked to present a proof of your purchase.


How to Cancel NortonLifeLock auto-renew Subscriptions?

If you are thinking about cancelling your subscription and plans that you have purchased with Norton, please consider these facts and points which you can expect. The following products and purchases are not eligible for refunds:

  • These products are not for re-sale and complimentary software.
  • Some Norton or Norton LifeLock offered from third-party.
  • Products that are purchased from third-party platforms, such as; play store, app store, reseller, retailers, vendor, etc.
  • Repeating the same purchase that you cancelled with us the last time.


If you have bought any of the Norton LifeLock products then you will be glad to know that there is a 60-day money back policy offered by Norton on its software products. This policy applies to all Norton 360 products and services. Also, in the case of annual subscriptions, you are eligible to request a refund within the first 60 days from the date of purchase.

Absolutely! If any of your Norton subscriptions or products get auto-renewed but you do not want it, Norton offers a 60-day refund policy from the date of purchase. This makes it easy for you to get control over your Norton renewals. However, there are certain states where some miscellaneous charges, including shipping, taxes, handling fees, etc., are non-refundable.

It is quite easy to get your money back from Norton. First, make sure that you meet the policy criteria to get a refund from Norton. Then, all you need to do is get in touch with the customer support team at Norton and explain your concerns to them.

The best way to contact Norton helpline is via a phone call to their toll-free number, or over a chat conversation. You can also shoot them an email to get a refund. Another way to request your refund is by visiting Norton’s official website and filling in a form, submitting it, and then wait for their team member to contact you.

If you purchased a monthly Norton subscription, then you are eligible to get refunded within the first 14 days of the purchase.

Usually getting a refund from the company is a smooth process, provided you are eligible for it. You can get in touch with Norton’s customer care department to get your refund request approved. Once it is done, it takes up to 7 working days for the money to reflect back into your bank account. If any issue arises, you can simply contact the team and get it resolved.

Even if you have purchased Norton’s subscription from a retail store there is no need to panic! The process is a bit different from the one you follow in case of an online purchase. Let us explain how you can do it.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Norton and download the refund request form for your geographical region. Then, get it printed.

Step 2: Fill in all the required information in the refund request form carefully, and then put your signature on it.

Step 3: Look for your subscription key label located on the CD or card or envelope that you received inside the package.

Step 4: Next, you need to get the image of the subscription key printed, and photocopied. Along with that, do the same for the original receipt having visible price value and purchase date.

Step 5: Now, you have to send this form, all the receipts, and the subscription key to the address mentioned on the form.

In the case of retail or a third-party purchase, the refund may take up to six weeks to process. Once you receive your refund, please ensure to delete all the program files concerning the refund subscription.

If you have been charged for automatic renewal for any of your Norton subscriptions, you can easily get refunded for it. However, to avoid getting charged in the future, you should log in to your Norton account and look for the “My subscriptions” tab. There, you can simply cancel the subscription to avoid money deduction in the future. Or else, contact Norton’s customer support team and they will provide you with a resolution.

As per the Norton refund policy, customers can get a full refund only if they meet the criteria set by Norton. Otherwise, you may be eligible for a partial refund. You can enquire further about this with the Norton support team via online chat or a phone call.

Final Verdict

If after using the services you do not feel satisfied with the Norton Security product quality and wish to cancel your services, you can easily do that by following the Norton customer service refund. However, we always advise against that, as, once Norton Refund policy takes effect, and refund can be credited to your debit/credit card or bank accouunt within 7 days, money back requests can be made through only official Norton (Symantec or Norton LifeLock).

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