Norton Login- Complete Guide to Manage, Download & Activate My Account

In this world of technology, everyone spends a large amount of their day on the internet. So, to save yourself from any danger that you may find while surfing online, you need to make sure that you are using a premium quality Anti-virus product. And, what’s better than using Norton Anti-virus Security Software!

If you are using Norton Security then as per the protocol, you will be required to login to Norton prior to downloading or activating your Norton Anti-virus/ Norton 360/ Norton Security, etc. Here, we are going to help you with the “Norton login” process and “Norton sign in not working” issues. For “Norton Setup”, please get help from Norton experts.

How to login Norton?

If you wish to login Norton, please follow the steps as per the instructions.

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Steps to Login Norton.com

  1. Go to the website URL: https://login.norton.com/
  2. Please check the URL. it must contain the exact content.
  3. Click on “Sign in”.
  4. Now you are required to enter your E-mail ID and Password.
  5. If you trust the login device and wish to stay into the login page since you do not want the website to make you logout automatically, then do not forget to click in the check-box for “Remember me on this device”.
  6. You have already agreed to the Norton “Terms & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy”.
  7. Click on “Sign in” button.

And, you are done!

Don’t have an account? Register your account on Norton

If you are visiting the Norton website for the first time or you do not have any existing Norton account then please follow this guide to create your Norton account, now.

Create your Norton Account

  1. Visit the URL: login.norton.com
  2. Please re-check the URL you have entered is correct. Do not add your personal information on some similar looking websites.
  3. Select the “Create Account” option.
  4. Please fill up your credentials to register your account.
  5. Enter “E-mail address” and “Confirm E-mail address”.
  6. Do not forget to create a strong password. You can either choose to “Remember it” or save it to “Norton Password Manager”.
  7. Now, in the blanks, fill your “First name” and “Last name” respectively.
  8. Select your country by choosing your Country Flag and enter your “Phone number”.
  9. Select your “Country name” from the drop-down list.
  10. Click on the box next to “E-mail me product updates, offers and security newsletters” in order to mark it checked. Do this only if you wish to receive regular E-mails from Norton.
  11. Select “Create Account” button.

Congrats, you have successfully created your Norton account!

How to Activate Your Norton Subscription?

In case you have bought your Norton subscription from an offline store/ partner/ website then, you will not be able to locate your subscription in your Norton account dashboard. It will only be displayed there if you have bought your subscription online from Norton’s official website. In such cases, you can get support for “VPN Not Working” from Norton experts.

How to claim your Retail Card?

Subscription plans are usually available in your account with your complete subscription details. But, if you have purchased Norton from another source, such as a different website/ store, then you will need to go ahead with the following steps: Visit Norton.com/setup for configuration and activation process.

Norton Login- with a Product Key


  1. Start with logging into Official Norton website.
  2. Once you do that, you will be automatically redirected to a page saying, “No subscription available”.
  3. Now, locate “I have a product key” link under the “Subscribe Now” button.
  4. As you do that, a new page will open asking for your “Product key”.
  5. Now you have to enter your 25-digit product key/ code. (The key will be imprinted on your Retail card, or inserted within your Confirmation E-mail)

And, it’s a success! You have completed the procedure.

Forgot My Norton Login Password

A lot of times people tend to forget the passwords they set while signing up on various portals. If anytime you forget your password, you can simply recover your account by following these steps.

  1. Go to the URL: https://login.norton.com
  2. Find the link: Have Trouble Signing-in?
  3. You can find it under the “Sign in” button.
  4. As you do that, a new page will be opened asking for your “E-mail”.
  5. To receive the password reset link in your E-mail, type in your E-mail address.
  6. Open your E-mail account and you will find a password reset link that you have received. Click on that link.
  7. Set your new password.

And you have successfully reset your password!

Forgot Username

If you have forgotten the Username, follow the aforementioned steps and you will find your Username within the password reset E-mail that you will receive.

Edit Norton My Account Information

If you ever wish to make any changes or update your personal information, such as; your name, E-mail address, Phone number, you can easily do that by using the following process:

  1. Log in to your Norton account.
  2. Move to the account “Dashboard”.
  3. Click on “Personal Information”.
  4. Now, you can “Update” the required information.
  5. When you have made the necessary changes, click “Save”.

Update Payment/Billing Information

To update the payment/ billing information in your account, please perform the following procedure:

  1. Sign in to your Norton account.
  2. Look for the option “Billing information”.
  3. Add your desired payment method – Credit card/ Debit card.

Norton login not working?

If you find any problem while signing in to your Norton account, please get in touch only with the Norton official support to troubleshoot Norton login problem. Contact us if you have any problems in setup, install, download, activation issues, or visit to www.Norton.com/Setup.

Disclaimer- this post is for technical guide purposes only. We’re not the Norton.com (Symantec or LifeLock) any images, brand names used on this website are for reference only.

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