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How do I contact Norton to cancel my subscription?


How do I contact Norton to cancel my subscription?

My subscription was auto-renewed by Norton (Symantec) and Norton LifeLock charged me 89.99 GBP for renewal which is actually too high comparing to offered by many online companies, What’s the best way to contact Norton and get all the money back to my account? I didn’t found any email, telephone number to complain, chat waiting time is also too long.

Answered question

Norton is a world-class security provider. To contact Norton you can visit the official website.

For any kind of support, you need to visit the official Norton Support Website. You can contact Norton through

  • Chat
  • Phone
  • Website



  • Setup
  • Troubleshoot
  • Refund
  • Renewal
  • Activate
  • Download



  • Login issues
  • Cancel auto-renew
  • Account related
  • Scan not working
  • VPN issue
  • Autofix error


Operating System

  • Windows 10 (All versions)
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 (All versions)
  • Mac
  • Mobile (Android)
  • iOS


Products & Services

  • Norton 360 Standard
  • Norton 360 Deluxe
  • Norton 360 Premium
  • Norton Family
  • Norton VPN
  • Norton Utility
  • Norton Small Business
  • Norton Computer Tune-up

To find more information about Norton visit the Norton Support website.

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I have a Norton 360 subscription which was renewed by Symantec automatically last month. I don’t need this can you please tell me how to contact Norton to cancel my subscription.

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NortonLifeLock debited my visa account on 11/3/21 for £89.99 but they have not provided any service. They keep telling me that I am not covered and keep pestering me to sign up, as they have not covered me I think they should re-pay the money they took from my account.

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Can I get an email address to complain to Norton about my renewal and it has not been addressed till now?

Answered question

I want to cancel my account which was renewed automatically, my wife is also using the same Norton 360 with upto 5 devices limit. I don’t need such expensive security, her subscription is being used in just 3 devices so far, so I’ll manage in rest. My renewal was done on 5th May 2021, am I eligible for a refund?

Answered question

I want to cancel my Norton subscription, just got a message that “your subscription is going to expire soon”. Please cancel my auto-renewal I don’t want to renew now, I don’t even have a computer now.

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I got my money (70GBP) back in just 12 days. I just followed the Norton refund process and got fit into the Norton refund policy.

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I have requested Norton 2-3 times but there is no response yet. I need a quick refund and a way to get quick response. How can I get my money back quicker?

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I tried to contact Norton for a refund but destroyed my 48 minutes on stupid machine hold. I need a direct number where I can talk directly to a human. Some numbers I found from others were fake or not reachable.

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