What is Norton Cloud Backup & how can you set up it?

Norton is one of the popular antivirus software in the market. It offers many advanced features, such as cloud backup. For Norton backup and restore feature internet is mandatory.

To use the Norton cloud facility, you need to sign in to Norton successfully. Also, you need to set up the Network cost awareness option in firewall settings. Once you change this setting, then only you can view the files from online backup. Go to https://www.norton.com/setup to set up your Norton security.

Norton cloud facility is beneficial, so if by any means your computer is infected due to viruses and Trojans and malware, don’t worry. You can backup all your files to online Norton cloud backup. Activate Norton backup feature and run the Norton cloud backup and restore it.


Steps to Setup & Activate Norton Cloud Backup

  • Go to Norton icon and Start.
  • Hit the backup and click on the set up now
  • Save the settings
  • Create the setup name
  • Select the file which you need to back up
  • Select the location where files need to back up
  • Select the online backup option and click on next
  • You may get three options – weekly backup, monthly backup, and manual setup.
  • Save the setting
  • Now hit the option Run backup
  • Now it will start automatic backup of selected files and folders
  • It also displays the backup process progress

Complete Guide to Activate Your Norton Cloud Backup

Frequently Asked Questions about Norton Cloud Backup [Norton Online Backup] Process

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