2 Amazing ways to Fix McAfee Error Unable to Backup Existing File, Not Enough Rights

McAfee error unable to backup existing file

Symptoms of McAfee Error

McAfee antivirus DAT updates fail after running
the file from the shared network. And you will get an Error message “Unable to the backup existing file, not enough rights”. Even though you are running it as
an administrator, still you will be facing this issue.



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McAfee error unable to backup existing file, not enough rights line 12

Cause of McAfee Error

There is a change in Access protection rule in
VSE 8.8 patch 9, which fails this update. This rule is getting triggered by
Enable Enhanced self-protection rule, where the xdat.exe file should be
verified by a trusted party, this new option is located under an access
protection setting. You need to enable this Enhanced self-protection option.

How to solve the McAfee Backup Error?

  • The McAfee Error is an expected error, so you
    need to apply for work around for this.
  • You need to disable temporarily or permanently
    the new policy option before DAT update
  • Go to Access Protection option via ePO console
    and deselect the new policy option “Enable enhanced self-protection
  • Now run the xDAT from the network share
  • Once it is done, go back to Access Protection
    settings and Enable the enhanced self-protection option.




What to do to troubleshoot McAfee Backup existing file error

If you are still facing the same issue, kindly contact the McAfee customer care team and our team will be able to troubleshoot all the following issues-

  • How to fix McAfee error unable to backup existing file
  • Solved: McAfee error unable to backup existing file not enough rights line 12
  • How to troubleshoot McAfee error unable to backup existing file not enough rights
  • Fix McAfee superdat error unable to backup existing file
  • Process to fix McAfee dat update error unable to backup existing file.

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