McAfee Refund- How to Get Refunds Subscription Auto-Renewals?

How to cancel your McAfee Subscription and get Refund?

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Got charged automatically by McAfee? Read our full guide how can you get McAfee refund, and claim 100% of your subscription. What to do if I got charged for auto-renewal of my McAfee subscription? In this article we’ll provide you solution if you have made a purchase for any McAfee product. McAfee provides you 360-degree solutions for all your malware protection needs. It offers premium anti-virus services and has served thousands of its loyal customers all across the globe. Several government agencies also rely on McAfee products for its high-quality technology and innovative approach to detect and delete malware from a variety of devices. This is one of the major reasons why several business owners of reputed brands have chosen McAfee anti-virus services. People also rely on McAfee products for devices in their homes.

McAfee Auto-Renewal Refunds

In your McAfee account, once your trial subscription is about to expire the auto-renewal process happens. But there is nothing to worry about it. You will get full money back for this automatic renewal of your McAfee subscription within 30 days from the date of auto-renewal. The money gets deducted automatically from the credit card which you used for initially setting up your account and provided the credentials for. Once your subscription gets auto renewed, you will get notified about the same on the email address that you have shared with us.

McAfee Refund Cancellation Support

McAfee automatically renews your subscription with reference to the date when you opted for its subscription to make sure that your computer system and data is never under attack. We have already shared with you that all the subscriptions by McAfee price (including 1, 1+ years) all qualified for an assured refund within 30 days from the date of auto renewal. As the amount gets deducted, the users of McAfee can notice a deduction in their credit card or they might also receive a receipt for the debit, with respect to auto renewal, in the email address that you have registered with McAfee.

 Who are eligible?

  • If the subscription is on annual basis
  • Refund is requested within 30 days
  • Auto renewal gets 100% refund

Not Eligible

  • Monthly subscriptions
  • Old subscription amount
  • Bought from any vendor/third party/partner/
  • Requested after 30 days of auto-renewal

Cancel McAfee Subscription on Windows/ iOS /Mac

If you wish to get a refund for your McAfee subscription products, all you have to do is contact their customer support and they will guide you for the same. As per the process, the request for the refund has to be initiated to the subscription that got automatically renewed recently. As per McAfee customer service criteria, the requests for refund are not dealt with via e-mails. If the customer wants to get a refund, they can call on McAfee customer support contact number to get in touch with their support executive. You can also start a chat session to get an immediate response from McAfee’s end. Visit to setup and activate your account.

McAfee Customer Service Refund

McAfee has a dedicated team of customer support experts in their Customer service department to help you with your refund related issues without wasting any time. You can get their phone number directly from their product’s official website, and contact them as per your suitable timings since the helpline is open 24/7. As you get connected to their customer support unit, you can turn off your McAfee subscription’s auto-renewal option and also remove your credit card details from the account. This way the users can experience a hassle-free service as after doing this no more money will get deducted from their payment cards without their consent even after reaching the end of subscription period.

What’s the McAfee’s Process for Money back?

Often, users have one query popping in their minds that what if they turn off the automatic renewal of subscription of McAfee services and their computer system and other devices get attacked by a malware. Let us tell you that it will never happen even after requesting for your refund. Your devices will remain protected by McAfee until the trial version of the product is valid. Once you opt for the refund of your subscription which was renewed automatically, your computer system and other devices that were secured under this subscription will not be protected anymore. This is why in such cases McAfee always recommends its users to buy the new subscription or choose to get a free version of the McAfee Security.


McAfee Refund Policy

As we have already explained that McAfee gives you hassle-free services even when it comes to obtaining a refund concerned with your McAfee security account. You need to keep a few easy steps in mind while requesting for your refund with McAfee. You can easily reach out to McAfee refund customer support number in UK and ask for a refund for the services.

Recent issues posted by McAfee Users

McAfee Refund/Cancellation: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have purchased McAfee you can request refund within 30 days and for McAfee renewal within 60 days. You need to call or write to McAfee.

Go to My Account > Auto Renewal > Turn OFF auto renewal setting.

McAfee refunds can be approved instantly by the officials and it can be credited within 10-12 days.

You can cancel McAfee subscription by call, email or chat.

If you are not satisfied with McAfee’s services, you can get a refund if you request it within 60 days of purchase.

To get a refund, contact McAfee customer service using the phone number provided on the back of your product packaging. They will ask for your serial number and email address to confirm your purchase.

You should also submit any receipt or other proof of purchase that supports your claim. The company will review your request and process it as quickly as possible.

The steps to getting a refund for McAfee are as follows:

  • – Log in to your account
  • – Click on the “My Products” tab
  • – Click on the “Manage” button under the product you want a refund for
  • – Click on the “Refund” button.


McAfee offers a refund guarantee for purchases made on its website. This means that if you purchase a product and are not satisfied with it, you can request a refund, without any questions asked. The only limitation is that the request must be submitted within 30 days of your purchase date.

The refund process is quite simple when buying products through McAfee’s website. You need to contact the company’s customer service team and provide them with your details (name, contact number) in order to process the request. If you buy anything online in the future, always make sure to check if there is a return policy before purchasing it!


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Q. How do I contact McAfee Customer Support chat?

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Have a different issue?

McAfee may show up in your account statement as following:

How to get started with McAfee Refund

Requesting a refund from McAfee Security is very easy and anyone who is qualifying the eligibility area can get the refund, in some cases (for exceptions) McAfee also issues full refund. If you’re not able to claim your refund you can ask our experts for quick assistance with fix MyQueryFIRST program.

Final words

Before making any purchase just view price carefully or see your auto-renewal settings are turned off. McAfee is a trusted security software company and offers services in multiple countries with their local languages apart from english. You should also remember your renewal term, service features and cancellation policy. In case you are looking for refund for your McAfee services, you can simply fill up a McAfee retail refund request form, Call McAfee refund customer support or chat with McAfee refund customer care services.

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