McAfee Free Trial: 30 Days Of Free Protection

McAfee anti-virus product is the leading name in the computer security services industry. It has a variety of services to offer with wide range of products.

Now you can avail 30 days free trial services for McAfee Total Protection, which is one of their major products in the market. Once you subscribe to it, you will be able to use a variety of services on all your devices. It will act as a shield and protect your devices from malware attacks, security breach attempts, and various cybercrimes. It is a complete solution for keeping your confidential information safe.

The McAfee Total Protection works by creating a firewall to provide protection to all the incoming and outgoing data. Now you do not have to worry about falling prey to the scammers. McAfee keeps you secured by blocking the spams and prevents your emails from being the target of attack.

In case you forget your passwords, the specialized features of McAfee remember your sensitive information such as the password and username at the time of crisis. This way it acts as your private memory keeper. Get expert assistance on

Apart from that, McAfee’s cloud security services protect your data and stores your data securely for the rainy days. Do not worry, you can easily retrieve them later on. There is a high amount of storage that McAfee offers with its cloud security services.

Main Features Of McAfee Total Protection

The McAfee Total Protection provides comprehensive security to your data and services.



  • You can protect up to a total of 3 devices on a single subscription plan. You can opt for phone, computer system, tablets, Mac.
  • You get protection from a wide variety of malwares such as; viruses, malware attacks, hackers, phishing, any type of latest threats, data loss, etc. by its latest technology that is always up-to-date with the malwares and industry norms. This award-winning protection product helps you socialize, shop and surf through the internet with utmost confidence and zero fear.
  • You can avail a good discount on the annual subscription of McAfee Total Protection. If you utilize the services during free trial, you will get the opportunity to subscribe and renew at a discounted price.


The best part about using McAfee is, you get to claim and receive refund if you do not feel satisfied with the services. The money back guarantee is like icing on the cake that is applicable on most of the products.

McAfee Total Protection gives you 30 days of free trial, completely free of cost! This makes McAfee a must-try.

Registration & Installation

The registration and installation is super easy which even a layman can do without any expert guidance. All you need is your credit card if you plan on opting for the subscription once your trial period is over.

3 Easy Steps Is What It Takes To Get Started With McAfee Services

STEP 1: Visit the official website of McAfee on your device. Select the option to create a McAfee user account. Then create a password that is strong enough. This process will allow you to access the McAfee’s download center.

STEP 2: Next, you need to enter your registration credentials such as your name, address, choose the city and state, add a phone number, etc.

STEP 3: This is one of the major steps as you will be asked to provide your billing information in case there is a renewal of subscription once the trial period is over. Let us ensure that no amount will be deducted from your credit or debit card at this step. Also, you are not obliged to renew the subscription after the trial period finishes. You will be notified ahead of the time when the expiration of the trial period is near. At this time, you will have the authority to cancel the subscription renewal process.

So, what are you waiting for? Register yourself now to enjoy and make the most of McAfee’s free trials.

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