Solved: How do I Fix McAfee Error 9001?

If you are using McAfee antivirus software, you may get a sudden screen with Error 9001 message. This blog will help you to know the fix for McAfee error 9001.

What are the symptoms of McAfee error 9001?



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  • Active program window gets suddenly crashed
  • Your computer screen gets error 9001 message
  • The computer may slow down and input devices won’t work
  • Computer gets freeze or shuts down frequently

What are the root causes of McAfee Error Code 9001?

  • Invalid or damaged registry entries
  • Virus or malware attacks
  • Damaged or incomplete installation of McAfee antivirus
  • Other software might delete the McAfee software related files.

McAfee 9001 Error Message Fix

Now we can discuss the workaround or fix for McAfee error 9001. There are first-level checkpoints we need to consider. First, you need to close all running software windows. Then remove the secondary antivirus software running on your machine if any. Update your windows with the latest updated version. And perform a full scan of your machine.

It is very important to check out the minimum system configuration for running McAfee antivirus software. The minimum processor speed required is 800 MHz for windows 7 with RAM 512 MB and 200 MB of a hard disk. Below are a few steps to solve McAfee Error 9001.

Windows System Restore

Go to the start button and search the system restore in the
search bar. You may need to add an administrative password and follow the
guidelines to restore the system. You need to select the best working version
of windows. Restore the windows and restart your computer system.

Update your system device drivers

It is recommended to update your system drivers to the latest updated versions. Outdated system drivers may cause the error. You can update the system drivers by automatic update using proper internet connection. You can also manually update the device drivers by visiting the official website or USB and download and run.

Disk cleanup

Open the command prompt and type the command “cleanmgr”. It will
open the disk management and starts cleaning tool.

If you are not able to solve this error then contact McAfee customer care department. Depending on the complexity of the situation you may select the mode of contact with the McAfee customer service department. You can contact the McAfee support team via 3 modes- phone, distant and cyber mode.

How do I troubleshoot McAfee Errors?

Phone mode – call the toll free customer care number form your phone and the Expert team will answer your queries. You can call this toll free number from any location

Online mode – Visit the McAfee official website and you can avail the services like email transactions, chat services, video calling, live tutorial, feedback form, FAQ, etc.

Remote mode– This service is the most useful, this can be avail for PC
cleaning, formatting, email troubleshooting, software program repair, and backup
and recovery etc.

Quick links: McAfee Login / McAfee Refund / Contact McAfee /

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