Solved: How To Fix Norton Error 3038

Imagine you are using your computer system and suddenly, you come across Norton error 3038, 104. This security error could even occur in the form of Norton module error 3038 and 106, or Norton error 3038 and 105.

All the errors can be resolved with a similar solution, regardless of what type they are. We will look into the Norton error 3038, and also discuss what causes it.

About Norton

Norton is one of the top antivirus software companies that offers powerful security solutions, globally. Its malware protection, anti-virus, spam protection, and multifarious range of products make it a reliable option for your devices. The team at Norton works constantly towards making it a much better, improved version and strengthen its security aspect.


There is a wide range of security software in the market, but Norton beats its competitors with its exceptional offerings. However, it is not uncommon for security programs to be triggered by errors. They are designed by machines, after all!

Norton error 3034 104 can arise while using the product. But it is not a huge concern as there are ways available for fixing it.

What are the reasons behind Norton Error 3038 104?

Before jumping in the solutions to troubleshoot Norton security error 3038 104, it is essential to identify the reason causing them.

  • The Norton error 3038 104 may occur during the installation of Norton antivirus. If that’s the case, your computer system would experience a glitch and you may face trouble while installing Norton antivirus on your device.
  • If the installation process was smooth, then an issue in the registry file may result in the security glitch, Norton error 3038 104.
  • The presence of a virus or malware in your system prior to installing the security product might be the cause for Norton error 3038. It is not uncommon for viruses or malicious files to affect the product files even before you completely install them.
  • Norton error 3038 104 may show up while installing different software on your system. Why does this happen? The reason is the removal of crucial files for Norton’s security antivirus software due to the installation of other software.

Symptoms that your PC is experiencing Norton Error 3038 104

So, how do you find out the presence of Norton error 3038 104 in your computer system?

Let us shed some light on some of the common signs to spot the presence of the Norton security error in your device.

  • If the windows operating system crashes, the Norton error 3038 104 will appear on your screen.
  • You would face lagging in Windows. This happens due to the presence of several threads and unsettled resources on your computer system.
  • The Windows may run slowly. There could be constant freezing, which happens due to the lack of resources on the device.

How To Fix Norton Error 3038 and 104

We have explained what Norton’s security error looks like, and the major reasons behind its existence in the system. Now comes the most important part, which is, all the possible ways for fixing the error.

Amend The Registry Files

If you are going to use this method, be very cautious. Incorrect changes in the registry files can result in some serious damage to the computer system.

You can avoid facing the consequences of these risks by using readymade files. These are easily available on the internet. A registry cleaner and WinThruster would help make the necessary amendments in the system registry.

Update the Drivers in your PC

The drivers in your computer system could be obsolete, or not updated to the latest version. You may reconnect to the internet while using the system, but there are some drivers that are required to be updated manually. If the drivers remain outdated, it could lead to some critical errors within your computer system. Thus, you should update the drivers and enjoy a seamless experience.

Cleaning The Junk

A lot of times all the junk and cache files that accumulate in your system become a major reason for errors in the software of your PC. It then affects the performance, resulting in the system lagging.

Thus, you should work on cleaning the junk files, cache, and empty the recycle bin.

  • Go to “Start” and then look for the “Disk cleanup” option to clean the junk files.
  • Then, run the “Disk Cleaner” app.
  • Next, open the “Recycle bin” and empty it. Doing this will eliminate all the junk files from your computer system.

Complete System Scan

It might be possible that even after you resurrect the Norton security error, some other malware would still be there in your system. In such cases, it is best to perform a complete PC scan. This will help in managing the situation better. To get started with the scanning, try doing this:

  • Go to the Norton Security panel and choose the option to begin the full malware detection scanning process of your system.

Doing this will make sure that all the malware or viruses present in your system would be eliminated completely.

Re-install Windows

If you are noticing some glitches, lagging, or errors in the Windows operating system then it could be the indicator of outdated or corrupted software.

This might possibly a reason behind Norton error 3038 104 or multiple other similar kinds of errors. Hence, it is best to reinstall Windows operating system for a fresh start. It works on fixing the error most of the time.

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Final Words

Often Norton users come across a variety of errors while using their software and products. And, it is completely normal! You can fix most of the glitches by simply reinstalling the operating system on your device. However, there are various methods in solving the error. Norton error 3038 and 104 falls under the category of security error and it can be fixed by following the methods we have mentioned in this blog.

You may take professional help by getting in touch with the experts at Norton for a quick resolution. Their team is always available to guide you with your issues, so you do not have to worry.

Norton is the pioneer in the world of antivirus and security software. You can enjoy using Norton on your Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It offers a broad spectrum of solutions for all your online problems.

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