McAfee Endpoint Security: Overview, Pricing & Features

McAfee Endpoint Security is an endpoint security process that provides protection to endpoints or entry points of end-user devices such as computer systems, mobile phone devices, laptops from getting harmed by malevolent actors and campaigns. It helps businesses of all kinds and sizes that are under a huge risk of hackers, organized cyber criminals, malicious and various other insider menaces. McAfee Endpoint Security is not your usual anti-virus program. It has seen various evolutions and is capable of providing enhanced, comprehensive solutions and security from strong viruses and advanced zero-day threats.

Uses Of McAfee Endpoint Security

It provides solutions including; application containment, threat prevention, centralized management and machine learning analysis. This makes McAfee Endpoint Security a real-time data collector and security manager for your virtual systems such as PC, mobile phones, servers, etc. This entire process requires the program to collaborate with others and with security technologies to provide managers’ visibility into advanced threats for quick detection and remediation response times.



What Makes McAfee Endpoint Security So Important?

While running any organization, it is important to provide end-user protection with the help of an endpoint security system. This saves the database of the enterprise with various cyber threats. Nowadays, data contain all the valuable information about any business, and it holds the status of being the most treasured asset. Losing the data, or losing the access to data is the highest risk a business can face. It is nothing less than a nightmare. The struggle does not just end here. There are an increasing number of endpoints and also, types of endpoints and business have to consider this as well. This is what adds on to the difficulty of business endpoint security and then there are various remote work and policies. All this makes the outside security highly insufficient and develops vulnerabilities. The aura of threat has been increasing tremendously as well. Hackers are always incorporating new ways to get access, raid into all your crucial information or manipulate the workers into revealing sensitive information.  And that adds on to the opportunity price of re-earmarking the resources from crucial business goals to dealing with the security threats and the price a business has to pay for the lost reputation due to massive-scale breach cases. And then come the literal monetary cost of compliance and regulation violation. This is what makes McAfee Endpoint Security or similar platforms an indispensable tool for protection of modern-day businesses. You can setup your McAfee Secuity by visiting at

Pricing Overview: McAfee Endpoint Security

When it comes to McAfee Endpoint Security, there are no trial versions for this software. Also, it does not offer any free trials. The cost of McAfee Endpoint Security’s paid version starts at US $35.99.

Features of McAfee Endpoint Security

McAfee Endpoint Security provides a wide range of useful features that are meant to provide 360-degree solutions for all kinds of technical and internet security threats including device management and real-time data collection for mobile phones, laptops, computer systems, etc.

Major Components of McAfee Endpoint Security

Usually, McAfee Endpoint Security comes with these key components:

  • It provides real-time machine-learning classification for detecting zero-day harms.
  • McAfee Endpoint Security works smartly and provides advanced anti-virus and anti-malware security that detects, protects, and corrects malware across various endpoint components, devices and operating systems.
  • This highly advanced program is proficient at providing classification strategy of data and preventing the loss of data that averts data loss as well as exfiltration.
  • High-end internet security to provide you a seamless, secure online browsing experience.
  • Unified firewall to obstruct hostile internet shelling and various other network attacks.
  • McAfee Endpoint Security also provides a strong e-mail gateway that blocks unwanted threats such as phishing, social engineering trials to target your employees.
  • The highly proficient workable threat forensics that lets administration to quickly isolate the infected files.
  • There is an insider threat security system to provide protection against malicious viruses and any such actions.
  • McAfee Endpoint Security Management Prevents data exfiltration and breaches by e-mail and disk encryption.
  • Highly concentrated endpoint management services to provide simplified operations and improve visibility.


What Is McAfee Endpoint Security Made For?

The endpoint security management provides services for various important devices such as:

  • Tablets
  • Computer systems
  • Mobile phone devices
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Smart watches
  • Medical devices
  • ATM machines
  • Servers, etc.


What Makes Endpoint Security Different from Traditional Anti-Virus Software?

There are several key features that make endpoint security platform different from the traditional anti-virus systems. Let us discuss them one after another. Contact us for any troubleshooting.

  • Administration Responsibilities

The traditional anti-virus software programs are highly dependent on the users for manually updating the latest versions for the database. There are times when in some cases users have to permit the updates for a pre-set time. Endpoint security management, on the other hand, offers well-connected security that is involved with the ins and outs of a device system. It forwards administrative responsibilities to cybersecurity teams or to the business IT department.

  • Endpoint Security Management V/s Network Security

The main function of an anti-virus software program is to provide protection to a single endpoint and focus solely on that endpoint only and usually, from that endpoint only. But, in case of endpoint security management programs, a vast network of, say a business, is taken care of as a whole. Hence, it receives exposure to all the connected endpoints from a single location.

  • Security

The usual traditional anti-virus programs utilize signature-based detection phenomenon to detect viruses. This actually means that in case your enterprise was patient zero, or if your users have not updated their malware protection software program recently, you still possess the chances of being at a high risk. On the other hand, the endpoint security management make the most of the cloud and stay updated with the latest norms, automatically. With the involvement of technological advancements, such as behavioral analysis, the suspicious behavior makes it comparatively easy to uncover some threats that remained unidentified earlier.

There is no doubt that McAfee Endpoint Security is no less than a revolutionary advancement in the latest technologically driven world. It successfully provides round the clock protection to not only your device by at a wider range, to the entire enterprise. The end user experience is highly secured with the help of this intelligently designed security management software program.

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