What to Do When Your PC Says “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon”?

3 Ways to Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon Error Message

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What Does it Mean by “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon”?

You might have come across the message that “Your Windows license will expire soon” is a very straightforward message that will prompt you to renew your license. Let us discuss how to solve this error in this article.

While the notification “Your Windows license is about to expire” is irritating on its own, customers also reported the following issues:

  • Your Windows license is about to expire, yet Windows is still activated.
  • This is the most frequently encountered issue, and some customers have claimed that this message occurs even when Windows is already activated.
  • Your Windows license is about to expire. HP, Dell, and ASUS are just a few of the manufacturers.
  • According to users, this error message can display on virtually any PC, and numerous HP, ASUS, and Dell customers have reported experiencing this issue with their devices.
  • Your Windows license is about to expire repeatedly appears.
  • This warning can be somewhat unpleasant due to its frequency of appearance.
  • However, by utilizing one of our solutions, you should resolve this issue.
  • Suppose you purchased a new device that came pre-installed with Windows 10 and are now seeing the license error. In that case, your key might have been denied (the license key is embedded in BIOS).
  • The best action is to call the manufacturer and request official assistance; they will guide you through the troubleshooting process.

Get a fresh Windows license key.

  • Suppose you don’t have an official Windows license key and are using a temporary Windows version. In that case, you’ll need to upgrade to the official version to fix the problem.
  • It’s also possible that you already own a license. Check out our tutorial on how to recover your license key if this is the case.
  • Don’t worry; you can easily get one online with just a few clicks if you don’t have one.
  • Beware! Purchasing from sites or online stores that do not have an official Microsoft agreement can be a waste of money because the key may not work.
  • If you need to purchase a Windows license, you can do it on the official website or specialized store platforms.

What should I do if my Windows License is about to expire?

  • The Windows Explorer process should be restarted.
  • Stop and start the procedure.
  • Select Task Manager by pressing and holding the Ctrl+ Alt + Del keyboard sequence.
  • Then go to the Processes tab in Task Manager. Locate Windows Explorer, right-click it, and select End Task from the menu that appears.
  • Choose File> Run new task from the drop-down menu.
  • Press Enter or click OK after typing explorer.exe. Your Windows user interface will appear once more.
  • If the Ctrl + Alt + Del Task Manager shortcut isn’t working, check out our tutorial on how to fix the Ctrl + Alt + Del Task Manager shortcut.
  • To complete the process, use Command Prompt to run a command.
  • To start Command Prompt with full privileges, click the Start button, type cmd, and select Run as administrator.
  • Type the following command in the Command Prompt window, then press Enter to reboot your device. Several people noted that running this command fixed the problem as well: /upk slmgr
  • Modify the Group Policy
  • Enter gpedit.msc by pressing Windows key + R, then press Enter or click OK.
  • Navigate to the following policy in the left pane.
  • Updates for Windows
  • Double-click No auto-restart with logged-on users in the right pane for planned automatic update installations.
  • To save the changes, select Enabled and then Apply and OK.
 Your Windows License Will Expire Soon

You’re undoubtedly running Windows 10 Home if you can’t find the Group Policy Editor. In this instance, all you have to do is follow our instructions for installing the Group Policy Editor on Windows 10.

Your Windows License will Expire Soon Issue in Windows 10

  • Disable a few services that are causing you problems.
  • Type services.msc by pressing Windows key + R. Click OK or press Enter.
  • Locate Windows License Manager Service in the Services pane and double-click it to access its properties.
  • Set the Startup type to Disabled when the Properties window appears.
  • To save your changes, click Apply and OK.
  • Double-click the Windows Update service to access its properties.
  • Set the Startup type of the service to Disabled and stop it.
  • Apply, and OK are the buttons to press.
  • After that, the issue should be rectified, and you should no longer see this error notice. If you have any issues after implementing this solution, make sure to undo the changes and see if it helps.
  • Make a registry backup before making any changes.
  • Make a copy of your data.
  • Type regedit in the Windows key + R box, then press Enter or click OK.
  • You must first export your registry before making any changes. It’s quite simple to accomplish, and all you have to do is go to File and pick Export.
  • Select all as the Export range and type in the file name you want. Select a secure place and click Save.
  • Suppose something goes wrong after you edit the registry. In that case, you may simply run the File you prepared to restore it to its previous condition.

If you can’t access the Registry Editor, learn how to fix it and then make the necessary changes.

  • After that, your Windows should be activated, and the error warning should go.
  • You should be able to fix the alert saying Your Windows license will expire shortly on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 by following these instructions.
  • It’s critical to emphasize the importance of having a valid license in order to maintain your system up to date and safe

Microsoft Windows License Key Issues Related Questions (FAQs)

What is a Microsoft Windows License?

A Microsoft Windows License is a digital right to use a software product. It is usually sold in the form of a retail package or an online license. The license is required to install and use the software product on one computer or device.

How do I fix a Windows license that will expire soon?

Windows license expiration can be a frustrating experience. If you are not tech-savvy, you might end up spending hours trying to fix the issue. Here are some steps to take if you have an expired Windows license:
1) Check the date of your Windows installation and make sure it is not expired.
2) Check the date of your Windows license and make sure it is not expired.
3) If both dates are within their validity period, then try to activate your Windows installation again by following these steps:
a) Press Win+R keys to open the Run dialog box
b) Type slui 4 and press Enter key
c) Press 1 for English language, then press Enter key again
d) Press 9 for activating with a phone number or dial Microsoft customer service phone number.

What will happen if the Windows license expires?

Microsoft has been providing users with various versions of Windows over the years. The company has also been providing free updates to its users. However, Microsoft is now discontinuing its support for Windows XP and Windows Vista. What will happen if the Windows license expires?
The first thing that will happen is that it will stop receiving updates and security patches from Microsoft. This means that hackers can easily make their way into your system without being detected by any software or antivirus protection. It could also be susceptible to malware attacks and viruses which could lead to data loss or even a ransomware attack on your PC.

How do I renew my Windows License?

Windows is a popular operating system for personal computers. It is used by most people in the world. Microsoft offers different types of licenses for Windows. A license can be either a retail license or an OEM license.
Retail licenses are sold to customers through retail outlets such as Amazon and Best Buy, whereas OEM licenses are sold to computer manufacturers that pre-install Windows on their PCs before selling them to customers. To renew your Windows License you need to buy a new one from Microsoft.
OEM licenses are cheaper than retail ones and they can be used only on one computer at a time, but with a retail license you can install it on as many computers as you want.

What are the benefits of renewing my Windows License?

You get access to the latest updates and features – You can continue using your current Windows installation without any issues or compatibility problems. – Your computer will be more secure as you will have up-to-date security patches installed on your computer.

What are the disadvantages of not renewing my Windows License?

If you don’t renew your Windows license, you may face the following problems:
– You will not be able to install any new software on your computer.
– You may not be able to update your antivirus.
– Your computer’s performance will decrease over time.
– You will have limited access to Windows Store apps.
– Your PC is more vulnerable to cyber attacks and viruses.
– You won’t be able to use Microsoft Office Suite and other Microsoft products.

Fix ‘Your Windows License Will Expire Soon’ Error on Windows

YouTube video
VersionLicense Issue
Windows 7Yes, Required License Key
Windows 8Yes, Required License Key
Windows 10Yes, Required License Key
Windows 11Yes, Required License Key

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