How do I contact Norton to cancel my subscription?


How do I contact Norton to cancel my subscription?

My subscription was auto-renewed by Norton (Symantec) and Norton LifeLock charged me 89.99 GBP for renewal which is actually too high comparing to offered by many online companies, What’s the best way to contact Norton and get all the money back to my account? I didn’t found any email, telephone number to complain, chat waiting time is also too long.

Abbie Glover Answered question August 10, 2022

I am writing to you to request a refund from Norton for a recent auto-renewal charge of £74.99 that was charged to my card on 16/8/2021.

The details of the product and charge are below:

Order Number: AP13215XXXXX

Product Serial Number: HKX82PTXXXXX

Card last 4 digits: 1XXX

If I could have a refund of this product put back onto the card that it was charged from that would be great. Can myQuery help me to sort this out?

Elizabeth Kelly Answered question August 18, 2021
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