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In light of the rapidly increasing cyber scams, frauds, the possibility of deliberately implanted virus has added even further to the already prevailing threats from malware of virus in one’s computer system or even smartphones or tablets. While there are a number of popular antivirus brands in the market now days, it is not easy to trust and choose the most credible one and at an affordable price. Norton Antivirus is one brand that is gaining immense popularity and establishing its name in the industry steadily, having proven its effectiveness, cost-efficiency and other reliable aspects.

With the very first version of Norton Antivirus having been launched back in 1991 during the Windows 3.X time, it has been around for a surprisingly long time. There have been varied versions of the Norton products being offered by many prominent names in the industry. For Norton Setup contact our experts.

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There are primarily 3 types of versions of Norton Security available to everyone at its official website. Norton Security for One Device is its classic edition that can exclusively be installed on one device whereas the more advanced deluxe edition of the Norton Security can be installed on up to 5 devices at the same time. Both of these are the latest ones to replace the previous and rather basic version of Norton Antivirus and Internet Security. It also comes with a more high-end edition that is the Norton Security with Backup, an ideal replacement to the Norton 360. It offers a little more features like 25GB online cloud storage and enables the installation of around 10 devices.

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Majority of the antivirus companies promote 3 particular versions of the products so that the antivirus mainly includes the antivirus module, whereas the Internet Security on the other hand offers an additional Firewall, and lastly, a Total Security package which also offers many more aspects and advantages at large. Most of the users find more sense in subscribing to the most expensive as well as more advanced version with the added features and benefits, Total Security package. It gives them the maximum safety and security for their data and files etc. stored on the computer, thus, making it most difficult for any malware to penetrate through and compromise on the security of the system and data. Activate Norton instantly with expert assistance.

Norton free trial computer security

With the latest advanced version of the new Norton Security, users can rest assured and have access to antivirus, firewall, identity theft defence, as well as the computer performance tuning modules in every version. It ensures complete and proper protections for the computer. The lone difference comes through the additional backup feature and the potential to install on numerous devices together.

While removing the virus is a critical function of the antivirus software, the most crucial part is to actually detect and prevent both known and unfamiliar malicious software from getting infected on the system at first. In case a virus manages to infect the computer, chances are it has already secretly transferred or pilfered many of the vital private files stored from the computer to the computer hacker through a keylogger.

Norton 360 free trial for PC

The all new Norton Security is highly competitive when it comes to speed, performance and credibility for safety of data and one can be sure still that Norton has kept the software the lightest feasible. Surveys indicate Norton Security recently having shown the best performance in comparison to other antivirus, internet security and even total security software.


Norton AntiVirus 90 Days Free Trial

For trying before is certainly important despite the rave reviews from so many users, a free trial of 30 days is available easily for the software to get a feel of its impact. One only needs to click on its “Free Trial” button for either Norton Security or Norton Security with Backup to download the installer file and run it to then create an account so as to activate the one-time trial session. Some companies also offer a 90-day trial on request by the users and in that case, one needs to download the special OEM setup installer in place of the trialware installer from the public Norton webpage. A product key will be needed to start the 90-day trial.

Norton free trial for Windows 10

However, for the second version that is the Norton Security with Backup, it cannot be installed in Windows 10 because its operating system will show a notification message saying “This app cannot be run on this Computer”. And for installing the Norton Security in Windows 10, one has to download the initial link that is for the 90 days trial for Norton Security.

Further, it is highly recommended by the technical experts to run the LiveUpdate right as the installation is complete so that the Norton Security trial setup installer, an offline redistributable file having an outdated version of virus definitions and program files, does not pose a problem. The first LiveUpdate post-installation will take up to 17 update downloads followed by a restart when patches have been successfully applied. Post restarting, one should ideally run the LiveUpdate a few times more so that the Norton Security is totally updated and smooth for use to safeguard the system in its entirety. In a nutshell, today Norton is the perfect antivirus solution taking care of several specific and significant requirements for a computer system protection and never fails the users’ trust and expectations.

Norton Antivirus Free Product Key 2021 (Example)

  • Norton Antivirus Free Serial key- VH9VF-RM8BB-HKVH3-DWV7R-BB7JX
  • Norton 360 Free Serial key- VJG24-VBWRB-HKVFW-MMPHM-BBJ4

Norton Antivirus Free Serial Key


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