Difference Between McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection

McAfee is a premium and leading name in the computer security market that provides device security solutions to both, consumers as well as organizations. With the increase in internet usage, computer security become has become one of the serious concerns in today’s technology driven world. As they say, everything comes with a set of advantages as well as disadvantages, similar is the case of new technologies. With advancement in tech world, there is a raised concern for cyber security as well. People are always connected to the internet, and the internet is also the pathway for malware attacks, hacking and some other online threats. This is something we remain unaware of while browsing online, and sometimes unknowingly become prey of hackers and cyber criminals. Contact our experts to Activate McAfee.

The fear of cyber-attacks does not mean that one will simply stop using the internet. The internet has a lot of benefits and makes our life easier. It also helps in staying connected with the world. To save people from this problem, it is always advisable to run an anti-virus or a firewall or use a computer system security product that will keep your data and personal details covered and save your device from getting prone to a malware attack. McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection is undoubtedly the best comprehensive anti-virus protection in the market. It offers a wide range of security suites and is used to serve both, businesses giants and homes users. There is not much difference between McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection except Secure Cloud Storage. Let us one by one look into details of both of these virus-security programs.

What is McAfee LiveSafe?

McAfee is one of the most popular and talked about anti-virus program in the McAfee sizable security portfolio. It provides the best protection and 360-security solutions for your computer system when it comes to malware and spyware protection. It is suitable to be used for all your devices, from PCs, Android and iOS devices to Mac PCs. McAfee not only provides basic security features like virus and spyware protection, this malware protection program provides a wide range of extra features such as; File Lock Encryption, Performance Optimization, Encrypted Storage, Password Manager, Free Customer Support, Parental Control and a lot more. Not only that, McAfee also provides a detailed and vast protection by utilizing a set of anti-virus tools to keep your devices save and covered from any kind of malware activity and attacks. Its best feature is that it provides you a Personal Locker with a storage space of up to 1 GB in secure cloud storage for keeping all your personal files and confidential data.



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What is McAfee Total Protection?

McAfee Total Protection is a superior quality anti-virus software that offers a wide variety of security services like any other anti-virus software, and much more. McAfee is a next generation anti-virus protection tool which detects and finishes all sort of malwares and viruses, both old and new ones. McAfee Total Protection offers real-time security which helps in keeping your data as well as computer system safe even from the highly advanced malwares, viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits as well as other security threats. The best part is, McAfee Total Protection does all that without even causing and hindrance to the performance of your devices or battery life. It provides 360-degree security solutions for all kinds of security needs. Also, there is a specialized additional two-way firewall security that provides layer-over-layer security for advanced protection against all kinds of cyber-crimes. To activate McAfee visit www.mcafee.com/activate.

Difference between McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection

Protection by McAfee LiveSafe V/S Total Protection

  • Both the anti-malware programs, McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection, provide a 100% protection from all kinds of dangerous viruses and cyber-attacks as both of these are premium quality and intelligently designed comprehensive suites of McAfee security services. They provide guaranteed security from spyware, Trojans, viruses, rootkits, malware and a lot of other security threats. Both the programs provide an all-round security for various devices such as Android, iOS, Windows PCs and Mac devices.
  • Although total Protection is a better option for protection services since it provides almost every feature that is present in LiveSafe and it can even do more for concerns regarding cyber and security threats to your devices and data. McAfee LiveSafe is an efficient tool for providing security to your devices and it can do even more since it is considered as a comprehensive digital protection solution for your digital data.

Cloud Storage in McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection

It is evident that there is no such difference between McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection when it comes to cloud storages space. However, on the other hand, McAfee LiveSafe is considered to be more of secure cloud storage out of the two.

The McAfee LiveSafe offers a cloud storage space of 1 GB in which you can keep your personal files, sensitive credentials, important documents and everything that requires protection for any unexpected digital tragedy. For an extra layer of protection, the cloud storage in LiveSafe provides the high-quality security features like face and voice authentication so that only you can gain access to your personal data that you have saved in there and no unauthorized person can get into it. It offers plenty of storage space which can store even your passport details, other travel documents and even the personal ones.

Selling Point for McAfee LiveSafe verses Total Protection

While, at a glance one can tell that both these security solution programs offer a similar range of features, but when it comes to McAfee Total Protection, you get the premium security services of award-winning security program. It also offers the feature of password management for your various devices and even parental control to help you monitor the features in other connected device, keeping your entire family safe.

The USP of McAfee Total Protection is its best in the market, outstanding award-winning antivirus scanner and the web and email protection feature.

McAfee LiveSafe is no less as it provides an all-round virus protection for your sensitive information such as identity as well as data across multiples devices. And as mentioned earlier, its next generation scanning engine offers real-time security protection is commendable.

In McAfee LiveSafe, the USP is its cloud storage space that is around 1 GB which is sufficient for keeping your personal important data and other sensitive information safe from the cyber threats.

Summary of McAfee LiveSafe verses Total Protection

There is no major difference between McAfee LiveSafe and McAfee Total Protection except for the secure cloud storage space in McAfee LiveSafe.

McAfee LiveSafe is great for safeguarding your personal sensitive data and important stuff in its 1 GB storage worth cloud space which is perfect for protection against any mishappen. Not to forget, the cloud storage utilizes biometric protection so that no other person can get access to your personal confidential data.

McAfee Total Protection is best for protecting your data, files and other sensitive documents with its specialized and proficient encryption technology with 128-encryption and saving them in a password protected vault.

All the other features are similar in both the anti-virus solution programs.

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