How to Fix McAfee Error 5051- Event ID 5051 Timeout

McAfee error 5051 is a runtime error that can appear during any software installation or windows startup of shut down. Sometimes it may occur during the windows operating system installation. It is very important to keep track of the error information. This information is important while troubleshooting the error.

What are the symptoms of error 5051?



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  • Error message 5051 may appear on screen and active program window crashes
  • The system frequently shuts down with error 5051
  • System start responding slowly to input devices like keyboard and mouse
  • System freeze periodically


What are the causes of the McAfee Event ID 5051?

  • Damaged or corrupted windows registry files
  • Incomplete or corrupted installation of the McAfee antivirus program
  • Virus attacks or malware infections may cause this error
  • Another program might have mistakenly deleted the McAfee antivirus related files


How to solve McAfee Error 5051- Process Terminated Due to Performance and Timeout?

Systems full scan

Malware or virus infections could be one of the reasons behind the error of 5051. These malicious may cause runtime error and damage other files. So it is recommended to scan the system.

Clean out the junk files

After a long term use of system and web surfing, the system accumulates a lot of garbage and junk files. It is recommended to clean these junk files. You can use a readymade tool like winsweeper to clean the system junk files. Also, you can use windows inbuilt tools for cleaning the system. Go to command prompt and type the command “cleanmgr” This command will clean out the system junk files.



Reinstall the McAfee antivirus program

Go to the control panel and search for the programs and features tab. Now select the McAfee related instances and uninstall McAfee antivirus software. Now restart the system and check your internet connection. Visit the official website of McAfee antivirus software and download the latest version of McAfee antivirus software,

Update the windows system with latest patches

Check your internet connection and download the latest version of windows patches.

Update the device drivers

It is very important to update the device drivers with the latest versions. Sometimes old drivers may cause problems and errors. You can use any tool like driverdoc for updating the device drivers automatically. This tool will take automatic backup of your system files.

If you are still not able to solve the McAfee error then contact the McAfee customer care team. The McAfee support team can be accessed via different modes like online, telephonic or remote access.

Quick links: McAfee Refund / / McAfee Login /

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