[Resolved] How to Fix McAfee Error 1336?

What is McAfee Error 1336?

Looking for troubleshooting McAfee Error 1336? Read our complete blog or call our tollfree McAfee helpline number for instant solutions. The Internet is becoming a daily need for everyone. We all are living in the digital era now, so the internet has become an integral part of our life. We are dependent on computers and the internet for office work, entertainment, communication, and education as well. But while using this internet, everyone should aware of viruses and hackers.



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When you are surfing any sites, different types of viruses can infect your devices like desktop, laptop, android phone, iPhone etc. So we need to secure our devices from viruses by installing antivirus systems.

McAfee is one of the well-known antiviruses to protect your system from threats, Trojans, and viruses. This antivirus provides you advanced features to protect your system.


McAfee Error 1336 System Error Code 5

McAfee antivirus installation process is very smooth and hazel free. Still, sometimes the user faces a common error during the installation process. Before this error occurs in the system, your system shows some symptoms like a slow response, frequent program window crashes. Your computer may suddenly shut down or shows backup filter error. This is Error code “5”. This error code 5 error can be due to many different causes. Below are some causes for this error code 5:

  • The installation process is incomplete or failed
  • Sometimes if the downloading process is interrupted.
  • If your McAfee related files get deleted, which may lead this error code
  • Some viruses or threats affected your windows files and McAfee files
  • Windows registry may be corrupted because of malware functioning or any other changes

You will get this error pop up during installation or windows startup or during your computer’s shut down.

How to troubleshoot McAfee Antivirus 1336 system error code 5:

While troubleshooting this error, you should first identify the critical trigger for this pop-up.

How to Fix McAfee Error Code 1336?

  • You can solve this error manually by checking the window registry. Get back up by exporting all data relevant with this error code 5
  • The windows update file could be another cause of this error code 5. So sometimes the run time error can be fixed by applying windows patch.
  • You can install these windows updates by following below steps :
    • Go to start button and type update and press enter
    • Windows update dialog box will ask you “yes” or “no”, click on yes
    • Your windows update will take place within a few minutes
    • After updating, your computer will automatically go on restart mode

You can follow the above steps to solve error code 5 problems manually. But still, if you are facing the same error then you can contact McAfee antivirus customer care support number. This support system is available 24*7 to assist their customers.

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