Try Out These Free VPNs For Windows: Most Reliable VPNs In 2022

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A VPN is one of the best ways to establish a secured connection on the internet and access possibly anything that may be blocked in your geographical location. VPN or Virtual Private Network can be set up in your device by following a few easy steps and it effectively hides your IP address as well as other crucial details on the internet, saving you from any sort of malicious attack on your security and data.

What VPN is the best for PC?

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When it comes to Windows, there are plenty of options for free VPNs available in the market. However, they sometimes come with weaker security, the speed may lag which in return hinders the streaming experience. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the best VPNs available for Windows devices free of cost! These VPNs come with several beneficial features, including encryption, masking of IP addresses, no-log record policy, and much more. Let us dig in and see the top 10 VPNs for Windows. We will discuss their features, benefits, and security policies.

Free Vpn For Windows

Our Top Picks: Free VPNs Available for Windows In 2022


Let us enlighten you with our top hand-picked list of free VPNs that work wonderfully with Windows and are quite popular in 2021, leaving all other VPNs behind. Most of these VPNs are completely safe to use and offer reliability but everything free comes with a cost of limitations.

#1 Express VPN : Flawless Speed Limit

Express Vpn Is One Of The Popular Choices

The Express VPN is one of the popular choices in the market that offers 30 days period with a money-back guarantee before moving ahead with the premium pack. This makes Express VPN a completely secure option for the users as you get to test and try out the services before investing your money. One of the best features you get to enjoy with this VPN is that you can stream a wide range of streaming websites that may be otherwise blocked in your region, which includes BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and various other names that are always in demand.


The VPN comes with a dedicated application which makes the entire set-up quite easy, even if you are a novice. All you need to do is make some necessary changes in the settings and your device will then automatically get connected to a Smart Location whenever you try to access the internet.

You can now enjoy playing games on the console and even connect your smart TV securely. When it comes to sharing the VPN with other devices, that can easily be done through a Windows virtual router simply with the help of guides available exclusively for Windows 8 and 10 versions by Express VPN.

ExpressVPN- Explore anything with data protection

A crucial reason to go for Express VPN is the fact that the company offers 3,000 servers in almost 90 countries globally. This gives you access to the content which might be blocked in your particular geographical location. As there is a wide number of server networks available, the reliability of the connection that establishes is high. Using Express VPN gives you the ease to unblock multiple streaming channels including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc., and enjoy endless possibilities of entertainment. The abundance of servers is extremely helpful for streaming videos in high definition, which is a bonus!

If you choose to upgrade to the premium version of their services then it provides you the benefits of a great bandwidth range as well as unlimited data that you can use for streaming your favorite shows, movies or just browsing the web. Express VPN also lets you use torrent while also restoring the quality of the videos. The VPN enables the users to go past censorship put by the government and the restricted content. You can smoothly look up for such content, from possibly all across the world. The VPN also comes with a strict no-log policy. It ensures that no record is being kept of your personal data online, which includes IP address, timestamps, browsing history, and various other significant factors.

ExpressVPN: Download Superfast

Those who highly rely on torrent for downloading videos can easily do that as the servers of Express VPN keeps your identity completely anonymous and there is no fear of being identified. There is also a special split tunneling feature offered by VPN which provides that extra shield of security to the user’s end. The VPN is accompanied by AES 256-bit encryption which serves as a great tool to resolve all your security-related concerns. There is also a quite powerful IP and DNS leak protection feature which makes investing in Express VPN worth it! It ensures that you do not have to worry about anybody looking into your online activity. In addition to that, the VPN comes with IPv6 leak protection that takes care of the loss of data as you use browsers.

Another point to consider is that there is a specified kill switch that is robust and works effectively in protecting your data as well as information regarding your IP address even if there is a sudden drop of your VPN connection.

Why Choose Express VPN?

  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee pack.
  • The military-grade encryption ensures safety, along with the IP leak protection features to keep your identity safe.
  • You get to have unlimited data and bandwidth topped with a high-speed connection.
  • The users get to share the VPN connection with multiple devices simply with the help of a Windows virtual router.
  • Express VPN has 3,000 servers in 90 countries globally which lets the users get through the geoblock websites.
  • The VPN works well with various popular streaming sites that include Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, Showtime, BBC iPlayer, Sling TV, etc.
  • Express VPN stands successfully on the compatibility test with multiple operating systems and browsers such as Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Firefox, Linux, Chrome, Android TV, Routers, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

Their customer support helpline is always there to help the customers get out of the face of trouble any time they experience an issue with the services.

Do you wish to try Express VPN?

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#2 Hotspot Sheild: Experience Accelerated Speed

Hotspotshield Vpn

Do you know what is the most interesting thing about Hotspot Shield VPN? It offers a superfast and secured experience to the users. The VPN is free of cost quite easy to use. There is a dedicated app that helps you install and set up Hotspot Shield VPN on your Windows device without you having to sign-up or invest a single penny. Yes, it is for free!

The users are gifted with a data allowance of 500 MB every day which can be used to browse the internet or stream your favorite show online. However, the VPN comes with only a single server for the US. This means one can only unblock a certain number of streaming websites, including Kodi, YouTube, Spotify. Another issue with the single server is that the users may experience a lag in speed due to overcrowding.

The VPN comes with a kill switch and 256-bit encryption which takes care of your privacy in the online world by keeping your identity unknown. There is another add-on feature of enjoying an accelerated speed, which is, Catapult Hydra. Hotspot Shield offers its users the complete step-by-step procedure to test the connection established in your Windows device. It does not offer a strict no-log policy as your internet browsing activity remains safe with you, however, it does extract the information about the IP address. Although, once your session ends the logs automatically get deleted.

As we know that the creators require some cash to provide their users these amazing services, the free version of Hotspot Shield displays ads to the users. These ads are targeted to you and often come from Google’s end. Hence, as per the privacy policy by Hotspot Shield, the data about your device and IP address are gathered by Google itself. But, there is no need to fear as your IP address is kept secured by the VPN itself.

Why Choose Hotspot Shield?

  • You get to avail of 500 MB of data per day offered by Hotspot Shield itself.
  • There is no need to sign-up or provide credit card details for using the app for free.
  • You get Catapult Hydra to improve the speed performance for long-range.
  • The VPN provides AES 256-bit encryption and an automatic kill switch for complete data security.
  • You can use Hotspot Shield for streaming Spotify, YouTube, and Kodi.
  • Hotspot Shield is compatible with macOS, Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Windows, Android, etc.

Do you wish to try HotSpot Shield?

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#3 Windscribe: Enjoy 10 GB Free Monthly Data

Windscribe Vpn
Windscribe VPN comes with a data allowance of 10 GB absolutely for free! This is a great package for people who love to binge-watch their favorite shows online or enjoy unlimited browsing online. The users need to provide their email ID for receiving the 10 GB data, and once it is finished a simple tweet to the company can help you get some more data. Those who are unwilling to use the email address would only get 2 GB of data. The free version of Windscribe lets you stream YouTube and Kodi. Those who wish to use Netflix have to upgrade to the premium version of the VPN. The services of the speed of the free VPN version can sometimes be impeded due to large user traffic. The VPN comes with 10 server geo-locations such as France, Canada, the US, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, the UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Romania. You can stay assured of saving your personal information as Winsdcribe’s automatic kill switch and 256-bit encryption model works efficiently in preventing your data loss. The no-log policy works as an additional layer of protection by keeping your search and browsing history safe. One gets the flexibility of selecting from different modes available, such as Stealth mode, Wstunnel mode, etc. The best part is, they are available with the free version. Also, their split tunneling feature works well to handle a particular bunch of traffic via a local IP address as you connect to the VPN. You get the ease of connecting to the wireless devices without having to unplug from the VPN. This lets the users use the locally available sites and even stream the content that is blocked in your geographical location. There is also a detailed guide that makes it easy for the users to create the set-up in their Windows device quickly with ease.

Why Choose Windscribe?

  • Monthly 10 GB data allowance to the users.
  • Secured military-grade encryption strengthened with no-log policy.
  • A thorough setup guide for Windows devices.
  • In-built ad blocker accompanied with dedicated blocker for malware.
  • Windscribe VPN works well with streaming websites including YouTube, Skype, and Kodi.
  • The VPN is compatible with macOS, iOS, Windows, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android, Linux, and multiple other OS as well as devices.

If you ever get stuck in a situation where you need assistance, Windscribe’s customer support helpline is always there to pull you out of it by presenting a suitable solution.

Do you wish to try Windscribe VPN?

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#4 Proton VPN: Enjoy Limitless Free Data Allowance


If you are considering going for Proton VPN then let us tell you, it comes with an easy feature called “Start with Windows”. This way, your device gets connected to the VPN automatically as the process begins. The VPN comes with the gift of unlimited data allowance and bandwidth range which lets you stream your favorite shows and browse the internet without any restrictions. One can even use Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video but one may experience some lag while streaming them on the free VPN plan.

When it comes to security the creators of Proton VPN have powered it with 256-bit encryption that works as a protective layer. The encryption comes with strict protocols such as IKEv2/IPSec, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec which lets you choose the best suitable option for you. As the user starts a fresh session, a new encryption key is provided. In fact, the VPN comes with a no-policy so no record is being kept of your browsing history.

Why Choose Proton VPN?

  • You get an abundance of free data allowance.
  • Comes with the “Start with Windows” feature that provides an extra layer of protection.
  • There is a Perfect Forward Secrecy.
  • The no-log policy and 256-bit encryption provide ultimate personal data security.
  • You can stream YouTube, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Kodi for your favorite shows.
  • Highly compatible with Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and iOS.

Their customer support team is available via email or you can go for the support ticket system to resolve your issues.

Do you wish to try ProtonVPN?

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#5 : Enjoy High Speed With Unlimited Bandwidth

Hide Me Vpn

This VPN comes with a free Windows app for a lifetime, through which you can easily create its set-up to get started with the online security feature. You can use it without even registering yourself with an email ID.

The VPN comes with a reliable P2P sharing feature for almost all the available servers, the exceptions being the US, UK, and Australia. You can enjoy using the servers easily in US East, the Netherlands, US West, Canada, and Singapore.

The VPN comes with an exceptional speed limit and unrestricted bandwidth that you can use along with a 10 GB data allowance every month. This data is very helpful as lets you stream YouTube and Spotify without any issues. The user gets to keep themselves private while browsing the web with the help of encryption. It also comes with a kill switch that prevents your information from getting lost in case the connection drops.

There is a no-log policy that makes sure the user’s internet history is kept safe and does not get into the hands of any government agency or people with malicious intent. 

Why Choose

  • Free of cost Windows app for easy set-up.
  • Get 10 GB of data every month.
  • High speed with unlimited bandwidth. You can even use torrent with VPN.
  • Comes with a no-log policy and a military-grade encryption model, with an added layer of a kill switch.
  • The VPN supports platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, etc.
  • It is fully compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and even routers.

In case you ever face any issue with the VPN’s functionality or encounter any other problem their customer support representatives are a chat away!

Do you wish to try VPN?

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#6 TunnelBear: Enjoy Bypassing Censorships And Stream Blocked Sites Via GhostBear

Tunnel Bear Vpn

This VPN comes with a user-friendly interface and the set-up is quite quick as well as easy to perform! Tunnel Bear offers its users a data allowance of 500 MB every month with the free version. However, this data may seem quite less for those who plan on binge-watching movies or TV series. A simple tweet to the Tunnel Bear can get you a refill of the data pack easily.

Tunnel Bear has servers in more than 20 countries all around the globe and it offers high-speed limits to the users. You can easily unblock HBO GO using it, but Netflix and Hulu users would be disappointed. The TCP Override feature works effectively by providing you a reliable connection which could be a bit slower in the performance but, it would keep your data secured and privacy intact. It can be turned on by going into the Advanced Windows desktop app setting. Not only that, doing this would improve the performance rate magically.

When it comes to data security, this VPN is powered with 256-bit encryption and a strict no-log policy that takes care of the user’s browsing history and the established connection. The kill switch is an add-on that saves the users from the loss of their private information in case there is a drop in the network due to any cause. Tunnel Bear comes with a Ghost Bear that escapes through any censorship, VPN blockages, and even Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), hence saving you from the government’s eye.

Why Choose Tunnel Bear?

  • It is packed with high-security features such as 256-bit AES encryption, a no-log policy, and a kill switch.
  • The users get a high speed connection with a 500 MB data allowance every month.
  • It efficiently works at bypassing VPN blocks, censorships simply by switching to Ghost Bear mode.
  • Experience an enhanced performance simply with Windows TCP override.
  • The VPN allows you to use HBP GO, YouTube and Kodi without any interruptions.
  • It is highly compatible with a number of browsers and operating systems, including Firefox, Chrome, Linux, Android, Windows, iOS, macOS.

Tunnel Bear offers a very fulfilling customer support experience to the customers. So, if you ever get stuck in a situation, shoot them an email explaining your queries or concerns and they will help you out with a feasible solution.

Do you wish to try TunnelBear VPN?

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#7 Opera VPN: Enjoy Unlimited Data Allowance

Opera Vpn

You must have heard about the Opera browser, after all, it is among the list of popular browsers! The Opera VPN comes in-built with the browser itself and can easily be started by going to your Windows device extensions menu and enabling it. The company does not offer a separate app for the setup. Instead, one has to use the browser and run it on your Windows enabled device to be able to use the VPN.

Now, looking at the data transmission protection, as the VPN is available in the form of browser extension, the data that is sent to the exterior end of the Opera browser is not guaranteed any sort of protection. Hence, any third-party app such as BitTorrent does not get protection.

If we look at the servers, they are available in only three locations which sometimes leads to overcrowding of the traffic. One does not get the option to select a particular location in a region. Therefore, it becomes impossible for the users to stream popular sites including Hulu, Netflix, etc. Despite this, you can easily use YouTube and similar websites.

Why Choose Opera VPN?

  • The installation process is quite easy.
  • You get to enjoy limitless data, absolutely free of cost.
  • You can easily stream YouTube and even Netflix in some particular regions.
  • The Opera VPN is highly compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.

If you ever get stuck in a situation where you require support then you can contact the team of Opera and they will direct you with the required solution regarding VPN issues.

Do you wish to try Opera VPN?

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#8 Speedify: Experience High Speed With Channel Bonding

Speedify Vpn

Speedify VPN lets its users make the most of their 1 GB data allowance scheme every month. So, you can browse online and even stream all those movies that you had been adding to your “watch later” list.

When it comes to servers, there are nearly 50 of them in various locations, all over the world. It includes geographical locations such as Asia, North America, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and South America. You can pretty easily stream through a wide number of popular websites, including Hulu, Spotify, and Netflix US. The users can even enjoy using YouTube via Speedify’s dedicated app for Windows.

Speedify stands amazingly in terms of the security quotient as it offers robust AES 128-GCM encryption. This ensures the users get to enjoy a completely safe experience during web browsing or streaming sessions. In the case of older Windows devices, their ChaCha encryption cipher serves as a comparatively faster option and it is secured with 256-bit encryption. Speedify comes with a no-log policy, however, it is not that strict. But, one can stay relaxed as Speedify assures your confidential information would not be passed on to other websites or apps.

The Windows app for Speedify comes with a dedicated kill switch that prevents leakage of personal data in case the connection suddenly drops. But one must remember to turn the kill switch on in order to activate it.

The channel bonding in Speedify works effectively for merging all the internet connections that are available and then enhancing the speed performance. This surely improves uploading and downloading issues. This particular feature is also amazing for using torrents. Also, their P2P support is great. 

Why Choose Speedify?

  • The VPN offers users 1 GB of free data allowance every month.
  • Enjoy accelerated speed with the help of the channel bonding feature.
  • The kill switch and AES 128-GCM encryption offer complete security.
  • You can enjoy torrenting.
  • It has servers in more than 50 countries, worldwide.
  • Speedify supports streaming on your favorite OTT platforms including Netflix US, YouTube, Spotify, and Hulu.
  • The VPN is highly compatible with a variety of operating systems, including macOS, Android, Windows, iOS, and Linux.

If you ever come across an issue with the app or Speedify’s services, their customer support team is available via email. You can find the email address by visiting the “Contact” option on their official website. The FAQs published by their team work as an easy way to get answers for some of the common issues encountered by the users.

Do you wish to try Speedify VPN?

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#9 Betternet: Stay Private With Military Grade Encryption

Betternet Vpn

This VPN comes with a dedicated app for Windows which makes performing the set-up easy. This also goes for the free plan available for Betternet VPN. The users receive 500 MB of data per month and it can be used for browsing the web. However, the free plan only supports US servers hence it may become overly crowded which could make your connection to slow down a bit.

You get the security of 256-bit encryption which keeps your sessions private and prevents loss of your personal information. One can easily stream YouTube, but it does not support Netflix on ground level. Your data might be shared with some third-party websites or apps as the privacy policy for the free version is not that strict. Also, the users get to see targeted ads as the data is fetched by Google. Although, your IP address is not shared with anyone since it’s VPN IP address that is being used while you access the internet. The no-log policy ensures your internet history is not being taken into account.

Why Choose Betternet?

  • Military-grade encryption offers high levels of security.
  • You get 500 MB of free data every month.
  • It comes with a no-log policy.
  • You can stream through Spotify and YouTube without any issues.
  • The VPN is compatible with operating systems such as iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Chrome.

The customer support by Betternet’s team is helpful and you can get in line through their ticket system to get a resolution for your queries.

Do you wish to try Betternet VPN?

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#10 VPN Book: Enjoy Unrestricted Bandwidth And Free Services

Vpn Book

This one is a completely free VPN that comes without any app. Then, how do you use it?

All you have to do is, take the server details provided by VPN Book and create a manual set-up in your Windows device using the Opera VPN. However, the set-up procedure may take a bit longer as there are several steps involved. You can look up the setup process guide online to ensure you follow all the steps perfectly. Due to its procedure, amateur users may find it a bit difficult to do but that’s when the guide comes in handy!

The users get strong security support with military-grade encryption, which saves your data from leaking into the hands of malicious hackers. It also creates a mask of your IP address, which is a bonus!

You can enjoy using torrent through this VPN as it successfully bypasses any censorship put by the government.

The VPN is enriched with unrestricted bandwidth and an abundance of data that is totally a plus point from the user’s standpoint. VPN Book has servers in six different geographical locations which include Germany, the UK, Poland, France, Canada, and the US.

Why Choose VPN Book?

  • Enjoy absolutely free services with Opera VPN configuration.
  • Get unrestricted bandwidth and high speed.
  • You can easily use torrent with VPN Book.
  • A step-by-step guide for making the set-up a quick and precise procedure.
  • You can easily stream YouTube and Spotify.
  • It supports various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Ubuntu.

Do you wish to try VPNBook?

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Final Words

If you are all set to start using VPNs then our compilation of these free of cost options will surely help you out in many ways! This way you can enjoy playing your favorite shows on restricted platforms, and even browse the websites that may be blocked in your geographical location. The speeds and performance may vary from VPN to VPN, but the unique features make each one of them a useful option as per your needs.

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