Which are the best free video converters for PC?

Which are the best free video converters for PC?

I need a free software or an online website that can convert my videos from one format to another. Also if there is basic editing tools that will be great.

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The best free video converters for 2021

Videos are an integral part of our life. Videos need to save in various forms; the best video converter is a must! Today, any video converter is one of the best free video converters in the market. You can convert the videos from the local machine as well as from famous hosting sites. It converts all kinds of videos to any format.

You can also reduce the video file size, collect all videos in the same format, can share any video formats with any video converter. You can use any file converter as per your specific requirements. With the help of video converter software, you can store and share the video in a particular format.

You can also download and convert public domain videos for hosting sites like Youtube. If permits, you can download and convert the videos. For converting videos from the Youtube site, you need permission.

  • Any Video Converter – Free

It is a free video converter software that converts videos from your system or hosting websites. This video converter can be operated on Windows as well as Mac operating system.

Any video converter is a free and excellent video converter and supports all video formats. It offers you various features with easy to use interface. You can handle all types of Video formats online as well as offline. If you want to download and convert a video from Youtube, if the video is in the public domain, you can convert and download the video in a suitable format.

Video converter software for windows

With the help of any video converter, you can convert hosted online videos, apply bonus filters and effects, all types of format support. Not only Youtube, but you can also convert videos from Facebook, Metacafe, Vimeo, etc. Any video converter can also help you to rip audio from CDs and DVDs.

Any video converter can support all types of video formats and suitable for a range of devices. Also, it will offer various editing options like trimming, rotating, cropping, and all cleanup tasks. You can also be creative and apply various video effects.

  • Freemake Video Converter

Freemake video converter is a flexible and quick video converter. It is suitable for Windows operating system. It supports all types of videos from hosted online sites as well as a hard drive. Freemake video converter comes with many features and is built-in editing tools. It is a very powerful video converter with easy to use interface. Freemake video converter can convert files from your local storage and online videos such as Youtube.

You can also use editing tools to trim the videos, add subtitles, and many more functions. You can also convert video from CD or DVD in all suitable formats.

Once you install the Freemake video converter, for three days the Youtube video converter is locked. After three days, you will get a free web pack to lift this restriction.

  • Free HD Video converter

Free HD Video Converter is suitable for Windows operating system. Free HD Video Converter is a video converter and editor in a free package.  You will get a built in tool with a ready-made device profile with fast conversion. Free HD Video converter does not support the 1080p form.

To work with a Free HD Video Converter, you will get 10 seconds of user education guidelines. To convert video, you just need to drag and drop the video file and then select the format and destination location and click the Run button.

You can customize, the video output seamlessly. The conversion process starts within a fraction of seconds. You can also edit the video with special effects, trimming, cutting and cropping, etc. you can get many advanced features with customized things.

  • Handbrake

Handbrake is a popular video converter suitable for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Handbrake comes with advanced control options, utilitarian design, and quick presets. It is a more popular video converter, especially in Mac operators.  Handbrake is mainly useful for users who are working on different platforms.

You can get many features with precise video conversion control like filtering, cropping, frame rate adjustment, and presets. It takes a few seconds to convert video for specific outputs.

  • Free Video Converter

A free video converter is easy to use and a handy video converter. It operates on the Windows operating system. It offers you a clear interface with fast processing speed and easy batch conversion. The output video comes with a watermark. DVD video soft is a popular free media converter with a clean and easy user interface. You can convert videos batches at ease.

You can get various outputs such as MP4, MPEG, AVI, and MP3. You can set choice for quality settings and merge many different clips into a single file.

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I know some tools which can be useful- Handbrake and free make video converters are one of those.

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Is there anyone tool / website or application for Windows 10 too?

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