What skills are the clients looking for in a back-end developer?

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What skills are the clients looking for in a back-end developer?

Back-end means behind the scenes. Back-end development is a process that mainly focuses on the functioning of the website or the application. The back-end developers ensure that their users get a seamless and smooth experience when using their website. A back-end developer’s task is to recognize the website goals and develop an effective outcome.

A back-end developer is responsible for managing API resources, building frameworks or architecture, implementing algorithms, and solving obstacles involved in the system. All the database interactions, as well as the actual coding, are undertaken by the back-end developers. The clients are looking for the following skills before hiring a back-end developer:

Proficiency in programming languages, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, CSS framework, various operating systems, etc.
Knowledge of front-end languages such as Javascript, HTML, and CSS.
Prior understanding of the back-end development cycle (design, development, and deployment.
Basic knowledge of SQL as well as Git.
Strong basics of programming techniques and tools.
Excellent communication as well as interpersonal skills.
Project management and time management skills.
Proficient in problem-solving.
Willing to work with a team as well as independently.
Knowledge regarding the database, web communication, protocols, etc.
Data processing and calculating skills are very important for back-end developers.
As back-end development is data-driven, proper knowledge of data structures and algorithms is necessary.
Familiarity with database management systems such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, AWS DynamoDB, etc.
Because Back-end is a server-side development, knowledge of servers such as Microsoft, Apache, and NGINX is required.
Knowledge of APIs, version controls, and version control systems is also needed.
Proficient in PHP, C++, Java, Ruby, Python, Javascript, Node.js, Django, Laravel, Express, Rails, etc.

So, these are the skills that the recruiters are looking into before hiring a back-end developer. So, the freelance back-end developers who want to go for a back-end developer job should keep these in mind and prepare themselves accordingly.

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