How do I fix Norton error 5013 3 on Norton 360?

How do I fix Norton error 5013 3 on Norton 360?

What’s the process to fix Norton error 5013 3. How can I solve it on Norton 360.

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While using Norton antivirus, you might face the error 5013 3; My answer will help you to fix the Norton error 5013 3.

Ways to solve Error 5013 3

Norton power eraser

  • Visit the Norton official website and download the Norton power eraser tool on your system
  • Download the .exe file on the desktop location and click save
  • Double click on the NPE.exe file to run the Norton power eraser tool
  • After prompt for User account control, select yes and continue
  • Accept the license agreement to proceed further
  • Open the Norton power eraser window and select the option scan for risks
  • Norton Power eraser tool starts the Rootkit scan; a system restart is mandatory for this. 
  • To disable the Rootkit scan option, please go to settings and uncheck the Rootkit scan option
  • After restart, the automatic  scan will start automatically, follow the guidelines to complete the process

Norton product Tamper protection

  • Go to the Norton antivirus and open the Device security option
  • Click the settings and search for the Quick controls
  • You will find the Norton Tamper Protection under the Quick Control section
  • Select the close option

Base Filtering Engine Service

  • Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows +R keys
  • Type the Services.msc and hit the enter button, if prompted for the user account controls, select yes and continue
  • You will find the base filtering engine option under the services section
  • Select the startup type as automatic
  • If it is not enabled then under the drop-down list, click the automatic option
  • Verify if the process had been started or not; if services have been not started, click on the start

 Exit the services window and click the restart

If the base filtering engine is not yet started then download and run the fix tool

This automatic fix tool is not compatible with Windows XP. Contact the Norton support center for further information

Visit the Norton antivirus and download the fix tool

Save the file on desktop and double-click on the .exe file and accept the user agreement

Apply the fix tool and restart the computer.


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