How can I recover my suspended WhatsApp account?

How can I recover my suspended WhatsApp account?

My WhatsApp account was recently suspended without any intimation, can I receover my WhatsApp account again?

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If your WhatsApp account has been suspended, we got your back. Here’s how to retrieve your account in minutes.

The worst part is that there is no preceding notification or warning from WhatsApp that the account is going to be suspended. Therefore, you need to know why is it that your account has been suspended.

There are two types of WhatsApp suspensions. Which one depends mostly on what type of activity you were doing just before you were blocked.


Types of WhatsApp account suspensions

The activity on your WhatsApp account can make WhatsApp take a closer look at your communications. Depending on the gravity of what you’ve done concerning the platform’s policies, there are two types of suspension:

Temporary suspensions

The first category is Temporary suspension. If your account has been temporarily suspended, you’ll see a timer on your WhatsApp account indicating how much longer you’ll have to wait before you have access to your conversations.

This is basically like a warning about the actions you’ve taken that aren’t appropriate according to the Facebook company.

Temporary WhatsApp suspensions can occur due to:

Using unofficial apps (WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp) or unofficial integrations.

Sending mass messages to people who don’t have you on their contacts list.

Many people blocking or reporting your account (this can be the result of spam or unwanted messages).

Permanent suspensions

In permanent suspension, your number gets permanently blocked, and in the worst cases, your business may also get banned from operating on WhatsApp.

If you’re doing any of the activities we listed in the temporary suspensions, you’ll probably receive at least one temporary suspension before you reach this point. Repeating the aforementioned activities will lead to a permanent suspension.

A permanent suspension is possible in cases when content sent through the platform is illegal or violates the terms of service.

When the account is used for a business or a company, this can have a very negative impression on your visitors. It doesn’t just waste time, it can also cost you clients.


Short-term solutions for recovering your WhatsApp account

Once you have a knowledge of why your WhatsApp account is suspended, let’s take a look at how to change that, i.e. how to retrieve your account.

For temporary suspensions, it is extremely easy, you just have to wait until the blocked period is up. If the block is not removed automatically, we recommend you contact Support.

WhatsApp Technical Support can be contacted in the following three ways: you can fill out a contact form, email [email protected], or reinstall the app and tap the Support button that appears at the beginning.

Before your account is unblocked, you’ll have to stop using unauthorized applications. Otherwise, your account will be suspended again.

However, contacting support will not guarantee the lifting of the suspension.


Some web portals suggest getting a new number as a way to evade suspension. However, we would strongly discourage that strategy, because on the one hand it doesn’t solve the root problem, and on the other hand, you will lose all the information tied to your other account.

And if WhatsApp detects that the same company is working under another number, the company will be banned from the service.


The best long-term resolution to avoid having your WhatsApp account blocked

None of the solutions mentioned above will work over the long term, because they won’t create the tools to propel the necessary marketing strategies for your business.

To achieve stability and avoid any possible suspensions in the future, the best choice is to use a Business Solution Partner (BSP). Thanks to their fusion with Zenvia, Sirena is on the official list of WhatsApp-approved providers.

The official API integration with WhatsApp Business offers you the opportunity to send hundreds of relevant messages via distribution lists. You can exceed the maximum of 256 messages a day without being penalized.

It allows you to create message templates for those relevant messages, which are managed by Sirena to save you time. You can use them to reach more customers with less effort.

Contact us today and learn more about the benefits for your business!

Emily Selected answer as best April 30, 2021
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