Dropbox Business Downgrade- How does it work?

Dropbox Business Downgrade- How does it work?

My canceled Dropbox Business subscription became a free team—why, and what does this mean?

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Were you the admin of your Dropbox Business Account? Have you recently canceled your subscription? Has your canceled subscription become a free team? If all the answers are yes, Read below for more information about this change, and answers to some frequently asked questions about the transition from Dropbox Business to a free team.

What is a Dropbox free team?

Free teams help Dropbox Basic, Plus, and Professional customers who work together at the same organization or on the same projects. Enabling teams to work together is core to what Dropbox does, and the free team feature helps colleagues collaborate, share, and get work done.

Users on a free team will have access to a suite of collaboration tools, including the team folder, separate work, and personal account, Groups, and controls over shared links and shared folders.

Why am I now a part of a free team?

If you were previously part of a Dropbox Business account, and you or your team admin canceled the subscription, you and your coworkers were moved to a free team. With a free team, you can continue collaborating and sharing with colleagues, and retain access to team folders and groups.

Is my Dropbox still private?

Yes, your Dropbox is still private. Other members of your free team will only be able to view the files in folders that you’ve added to the team folder, or in folders you’ve shared with others.

Are all of the former members of my Dropbox Business team now part of the free team?

Yes, each member of your former Dropbox Business account is now a part of your free team.

Can I leave this free team?

Yes, you can leave a free team at any time. This will return your account to a personal account.

Will I be charged for this free team?

No. A Dropbox team is a free feature, and you will only be charged if you purchase a new Dropbox Business subscription.

 How do I get my old account back?

If you’d like to return to a Dropbox Business account, you can upgrade your team at any time. This will retain the team folder, groups, and all of the other components of your free team, and add all of the security and storage benefits of Dropbox Business.

I need more space—can I use Dropbox Plus or Professional with a free team?

Yes, you can upgrade your account to Dropbox Plus or Professional at any time, and access the free team just as if you had a Dropbox Basic account.

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