Simple Steps to Fix McAfee Safe Search, Not Working Issue Resolved

McAfee is a famous internet security software with a range of different products to shield your device from vulnerable attacks. It also protects your system from cyber attacks and viruses. In addition to regular features, McAfee comes with safe search functionality. McAfee security software helps you in safe search, analysis, testing the streaming websites for identifying the different security threats. Get support for or product key by professional experts.

Safe searching is a popular functionality provided by McAfee; however, customers are facing some problems while working with McAfee antivirus safe search. Below are few guidelines to explain how to deal with a Safe search issue?

McAfee Safe Search Not Working?

  • If you want to enable the McAfee safe search on the device then go to the official website of McAfee
  • Search for “safe search” option and hit the download button
  • Download the software program on your system
  • Double click on the file and install the McAfee safe search
  • Complete the installation process by following the instructions
  • After completion of the installation, restart the system
  • Now enable the safe search option in your browser
  • If you are still facing the issue try reinstalling the browser; the issue might get resolved after a fresh copy of the browser.
  • If you still have any issues you can contact the McAfee customer care team.
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McAfee Safe Search keeps turning off problem resolved

Why does the search engine of my browser keep changing?

McAfee Safe Search checks your default browser and sets it to Secure Search powered by Yahoo!. In some location McAfee may change to Bing or Yandex instead of Yahoo!.

Guide: How to do mcafee login on official website and mcafee reinstall process.


If you wish to turn off McAfee Secure Search just deselect the check box or select box to make secure search on.

I don’t remember turning on Secure Search. How did this happen?

Perhaps you have clicked on the pop up for secure search, you might have clicked on DONE and your default browser has changed to Yahoo!

How do I change my Yahoo! search to something else?

If you don’t wish to use Yahoo! you can change your default search engine to others using below guide for different browsers-

Modify the search engine in Google Chrome

  • Click on 3 dots right side of your browser
  • Find “Settings” button
  • Go to Search Engine section and find “Search engine used in the address bar
  • Choose preferred search engine from the drop down Menu
  • Save settings. Done!

Modify the search engine in Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on menu icon right side of the browser
  • Click Options and find Search
  • Choose from the drop-down list under Default Search Engine.
  • Select your preferred “search engine” from the list

Modify the search engine in Internet Explorer

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Choose >> Manage Add-ons
  • Find Search Providers
  • Choose preferred search engine from the list.
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