McAfee Mobile Security- Installation, Activation, Setup Steps

With cyber threats and vulnerabilities emerging everyday and getting stronger with times and technological advances, it goes without saying that we are no longer secure when using any mobile or digital devices. But cyber security or mobile security can solve this problem for us. Now the question is which cyber or mobile security is best for us? Since it is known that cyber attacks have only doubled in the recent years and attackers and hackers are continually evolving and getting smarter, finding a correct and efficient anti-virus and security becomes necessary. 

McAfee Mobile Security Activation Steps

Our only best friend in today’s time is our mobile phones. Most people cannot do without their smartphones these days. All our sensitive data, chats, browsing history, credit or debit card details, online banking, e-wallet, documents, and other important data are saved on our mobile phones. We just cannot afford to lose any data from our smartphones. Therefore, a strong anti-virus made mobile security application is needed for our phones. McAfee Mobile Anti-virus is one such security application that would provide security to all our private data present in our phones. It is compatible with android, window, and iPhones. To setup McAfee visit

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How to Install & Activate McAfee Mobile Security

Installing and activating McAfee Mobile Security is really easy and quick.

  • The first step for downloading McAfee Mobile Security involves logging in from your web browser to your McAfee account to enable your protection and then
  • Logging in to the dashboard to connect your smartphone or tablet. Then under the “Add a device” option select “Send Link” and select the product you want to use.
  • After completing the first step, you will have to select “McAfee Live Safe- Mobile Security,” and click on the “Next” button.
  • After following the given steps you will be able to successfully enable and install McAfee Mobile Security.

Once you have enabled and installed the McAfee Mobile Security, you will get the option of selecting which product you want to subscribe to, choose from a wide range of available cyber, anti-virus and mobile to cloud security solutions and enjoy using your mobile free from all worries about your data getting hacked or potential virus threats. You can also use McAfee free trial Antivirus Mobile for Android Phones and other android devices. Some of the key McAfee Mobile Security features are as follows:                                                                                                                          

  • Strong and Improved anti-virus: McAfee promises to give you full security against all common and hazardous viruses, spyware and malicious sites. Keep web browsing, social media and online shopping safe and secure and McAfee is here to guard. If you do a lot of surfing or shopping online, McAfee Mobile Internet Security which will ensure your security against all kinds of online threats and protect you against dangerous phishing attacks.
  • The Anti-theft feature uses the McAfee website to help you find, monitor or send a screaming warning. You can also remotely wipe away all data from your phone if your smartphone goes missing.
  • The CaptureCam feature takes a person’s snapshot to catch the perpetrator using your missing phone.
  • The optimum Battery Optimizer feature increases battery efficiency and eventually improves your mobile life.

To troubleshoot your issues with McAfee mobile security (Android) contact us for an instant solution.

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