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myQuery is a platform for everyone who has an interest in reading technology and business news, and its audience includes techies and non-techies from multiple industries. This makes it the right place to publish content for tech companies and businesses.

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We are looking for passionate writers to help us create exceptional content around the web. At myQuery, we aim to produce, share and feature the best tech content from around the web. Our blog covers a wide range of topics including Security, Internet, Windows, Applications, Software, Tools, Technology, Gadgets and much more.

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Guidelines to Submit Guest Posts

  • -Original, plagiarism free content or free from copyright infringement
  • -Should be at least 800+ words with proper headings and subheadings
  • -Content should be proper analyzed and not spinned
  • -Submitted content would be sole property of myQuery and can be changed/updated anytime
  • -Make sure the content is free from grammatical mistakes
  • -Provide the unique featured image with HD Quality


  • -CBD/ Porno content are not allowed
  • -Affiliate/malicious links are strictly not aloowed
  • -Crypto/ fake tech support / Scam links we don’t approve
  • -We don’t allow topics that are irrelevant to our site.
  • -For non English article, we expect them to have an excellent command over written English in their language.
  • -Don’t send the article which has been published elsewhere including

Write for us- Technology, Security,

Guest Posts in Technology

  • Technology, Security Systems, Automation & Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Strategies, Hacks, Trends, Guides, News, Tips, Tricks, and more!

Posts in Gadgets

  • Gadget usage, how to guides, tutorial, FAQs,
  • Gadget price, comparison, reviews, features

Guest Posts in Windows

  • Windows updates, Errors, New Applications, Realeases, Versions
  • Latest Windows trends, updates, news,

Guest Posts in Antivirus/Security

  • Antivirus/ Internet Security Offers, Comparisons, Error, Troubleshoot
  • VPN Offers, Technical Errors, Deals, Reviews, Marketing Strategy
  • Antivirus configurations- setup, activation, cancellations, errors etc
  • Application- etc.

Useful Resorces

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Steps to Proceed with Us

Choose any topics eligible for guest posts on our website. Email us at “[email protected]” with your content and images. Our moderators will analyze your content and review it before publishing. We may reject the application if it doesn’t meet our criteria or quality parameters. Our team will get in touch with the status on your communication email address.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Guest Post on myQuery

What is guest posting?

Guest blogging is a very effective way to drive traffic to your website. It is also a way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. In this step you will be guest blogging on other blogs, and driving traffic back to your website.

What are the benefits of guest posting?

Guest posting is beneficial to both the guest and the publisher. It helps in building a relationship with the audience and providing quality content to them. Guest blogging is a skill that takes time to master. When done effectively, it can greatly increase your brand exposure and visibility online while also providing value to publishers through your expertise and knowledge, without requiring any monetary investment on your part. It allows you to get feedback from other writers who’ve already been published on their site, which can help improve your skillset even further while increasing your reach online.

How is guest posting different from other forms of content marketing?

Guest posting is a popular and effective type of content marketing. It is not only for publishers that want to increase traffic and visibility but also with bloggers, e-commerce websites, and even Instagram influencers who want to drive engagement on their posts. Guest posting is different from other forms of content marketing in terms of how it gets discovered. With guest posts, you aren’t just sending your content to another website so it can be shared with their audience – you are reaching out directly to the publication’s audience. Guest blogging is a popular way for companies to use content marketing as part of their business strategy because it helps them build relationships with audiences and expand the reach of their message into new markets.

What are some examples of successful guest posts in the market?

Some of the most successful guest posts include those from:
– The New York Times:
– Forbes:
– BuzzFeed:
– Business Insider:
– Huffington Post:

How can I get my company to write a guest post?

Guest posts are a great way to build relationships with bloggers and get your brand out there. However, you’ve probably never heard of the process of pitching a post before.
The first step is to find blogs that would be open to publishing your company’s content. This can be done by looking through their website or using tools like Google search and social media platforms. The next step is to figure out how you want your company represented in the post and use this as an opportunity to talk about what makes your company special. It’s important for companies to understand how they should represent themselves in guest posts so that they can create valuable content for readers and build relationships with bloggers which leads to more opportunities in the future. Guest posting is a great way for brands new and established alike.