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A little support towards excellent malware protection

Efficient protection against viruses, worms and Trojans

Though the name ‘antivirus’ means this is a tool to protect against computer viruses, an antivirus protects a computer and the data stored in it against different types of threats. It safeguards the computer against viruses that may modify files in a computer or delete files from the hard disk, worms that take advantage of vulnerabilities in your operating system to access the computer and Trojans that create backdoor for hackers to access your system. Your McAfee virus effectively detects and counters such malware attacks. Our McAfee help and support team is there to help you with any support you need regarding your antivirus installation (or uninstallation, if required).




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Smart protection against rootkits and bots

Rootkit is a cluster of malicious software that can access such parts of software that a hacker cannot otherwise access. Once rootkit is installed, it can give an external agent the ‘root’ or administrator access without the user being able to detect any sign. Bots are software applications that are used by search engines for repetitive tasks. However, the hackers have not fallen behind in using this potential for their own benefits. They install bots in unprotected computers and take access of the devices. McAfee RootkitRemover effectively removes rootkits. If you need any help with initializing, scanning or cleaning with it, give us a call at McAfee helpline phone number.

Right protection against spyware and messaging threats

Spyware is software that lets the user access information by secretly transmitting data from their hard drive. The McAfee VirusScan therefore includes AntiSpyware that counters and deletes viruses, spyware and adware. It is included in all McAfee suites for Mac & Windows. Instant messages and emails are also subject to threats and your antivirus works to warn you against potential fraudulent links and dangerous attachments. Instant messaging is very much on the vogue, both for entertainment and necessity. We often communicate important information over IM. It is good to have it protected against unwanted threats. Get in touch with McAfee helpline if you ever need help with antivirus scan.

Safe internet habits to keep the device protected

Do you know that one of the most common vulnerabilities that hackers aim for is the operating system software? Operating system makers are forever researching and creating newer versions of their operating systems that protect better against latest threats. These updates are free & easy and can even be set up to happen in auto mode. As a user, you must take care to regularly update your OS and use the latest versions available. Your antivirus is there to protect and prevent, but taking a few precautions in your daily computing habits can complement these services even better. Technicians available at our McAfee antivirus helpline number can help you configure your antivirus in simple steps. Please note, we are also equipped to take remote access (of course, with your consent) of your computer and resolve any error, if you have difficulty in following our instructions over the phone.

Cyber criminals create and follow diverse methods to spread malware across the internet. Many of them aim to fool users into downloading malicious software on their own. Thus, it is always advisable to not click on links or open attachments when the sender is unknown. Use strong passwords and change them frequently. What more, never give out passwords even if to a admin when communicating online. Your antivirus will take care of the rest. McAfee antivirus help is your constant companion for any troubleshooting you need on any stage.

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