[Fixed] How to Solve McAfee Virus Scan Error 1603

While downloading the McAfee antivirus, you may face McAfee error 1603. This error usually occurs during the installation and update process. Whenever the system fails to complete the installation process or update process, it displays McAfee error code 1603 on the screen.

What is McAfee Error 1603?

  • Incomplete installation of McAfee due to corrupt files Changes or corruption in windows registry entries
  • The system might be affected by malware infections or Trojan attacks
  • Some other software might have deleted McAfee related files



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Find the Symptoms of McAfee Virus Scan Error 1603

  • Your system displays Error 1603 and crashes active program window
  • Installation success or error status display
  • Your system runs slowly and sluggishly Your system gets freeze frequently

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How to fix McAfee Error 1603?

1 – Escalation tool

McAfee error code 1603 could be due to broken MSI entries. Now you can manually clean up this MSI entry or you can use a tool to clean up these entries. Escalation tool is an automatic tool to clean up your broken MSI registration entries. If your error is associated with registry entries, you can repair the registry entries manually or using utilities like a registry cleaner. It is recommended to perform this change under experts supervision or guidance. A small mistake in this may cause the entire system failure.


2 – Cleaning junk and temporary files

You can clean up system junk and temporary files by using inbuilt tool Disk Cleanup ( cleanmgr) For this, you need to open the command prompt and type cleanmgr, and hit the enter. This will automatically start cleaning of junk files.


3- Scan your machine for malware and viruses

You need to scan your entire system to check for any virus or malware present. This will clean out all corrupt files and folders on the system.


4- Update Drivers

Update your PC drivers to the latest drivers. You can use any device driver update tool like Driverdoc for this update.


5- Install and reinstall McAfee antivirus

Uninstall the current version of McAfee anti-virus on the system and try to reinstall it again with fresh installable files. This may also fix your Error 1603.


6 – Windows system restore

This is inbuilt utility in Windows. You can restore your system to previous last working version. This will help you to restore your system back.


7 – Clean installation of the windows

If you are still facing the same issue of McAfee error code 1603, the final step is you need to format your system. This is a very time-consuming approach but the last option to fix the error 1603. Perform a clean installation of Windows with bootable CD or DVD. This will erase all your data, so you have to very care full.

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