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Take necessary precautions when selling online!

Ecommerce sites are always at a larger risk for malware or hacker attacks. These sites deal with huge volume of banking information as well as contact and personal data of people, making them lucrative for people who want to steal data or want to rob online from others’ bank accounts. Therefore, both large and small ecommerce businesses are always at risk. When developing or dealing with an ecommerce website, tick off all checkpoints that ensure maximum security of your ecommerce website. If implemented carefully, some simple steps can go a long way to protect your site against cyber-attacks. A good antivirus like McAfee is the first and foremost element of any such checklist. Other than helping you with all instalment and configuration queries of your antivirus, our McAfee antivirus support chat team brings you today the basic rules of maintaining security of your ecommerce website.

Rule No. #1
Don’t Store Customer Data That You Don’t Require

It is not only unnecessary, but under PCI standards forbidden to hold onto huge volume of past customer data. Some, like contact details, you will need for customer service and marketing initiatives. Decide carefully which data you require to store and which you can do without. Except the data for charge backs, refund processing and marketing database, eliminate all data. And that particularly includes credit card details, CVV numbers and/or verification dates. And with an antivirus like McAfee, all devices in your network can be effectively safeguarded against various kinds of suspicious malware. Our technical team is always available at McAfee antivirus support number to resolve all your antivirus errors.



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Rule No. #2
Maintain more than two levels of security

Adding layers of security at different levels can successfully counter attempts of cyber-crimes. This starts from your firewall protecting your network and then goes on to strengthen security in the form of safe login passwords, securing search queries or increasing security on contact forms. Such approach can ward off attempts at cross site scripting (where hackers get through access controls in web applications) and SQL injection (that commonly attacks data driven applications). At an age when data confidentiality is highly regarded, due to the loss or bad reputation that can be caused by loss or theft of data, it is admirable how these little steps can protect you against cyber-attacks. Also remember to always upgrade your antivirus in right time so that it can fight latest threats. If you need any help with it, reach out to us at our McAfee antivirus support phone number.

Rule No. #3
Timely installation of security patches

Whenever a security patch is released, install it immediately. This holds true for Magento or WordPress updates as well as third party code like python and JAVA. If your site is running old versions of code or software, it is much more probable to get infected. All software and web apps are common targets of hackers. So check regularly for updates. As for your PC, laptop, mobile or any other device connected to the network, do antivirus scan regularly to detect and quarantine any possible threats. McAfee antivirus support for Windows systems are always there to assist you with scanning your device.

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