3 Awesome Ways to Cancel Spotify Subscription [Video Guide 2021]

Do you want to cancel Spotify subscription? Spotify is a leading music streamlining app globally that has a huge customer base of around 138 million paid users. The app belongs to a Swedish owner that took the music and app industry with a blow due to its exciting features. The premium plan of Spotify lets the users enjoy uninterrupted music without any advertisements and can easily be accessed on both mobile as well as computers.

How to delete your Spotify premium account?

Currently, the market is packed with countless apps that allow users to access and explore varieties of music as per their taste. Some of the popular examples are Apple Music, Tidal, etc. This is also a major reason Spotify introduced a free-of-cost trial version to lure the customers into using their services, which eventually leads them to pay for it.

 In case you are someone who went for Spotify’s paid plans but later on discovered that you do not wish to continue using it then it is best to cancel your subscription to avoid getting charged further. One thing that needs to be noted is, Spotify does not let the customers cancel the subscription via its app, so one needs to open it through the web browser instead.

Do you wish to Cancel your Spotify Subscription?

If you are a subscriber of Spotify services, then it is crucial to note that you must cancel the subscription before moving ahead with closing the account. Doing this means that the playlist which you have created in the offline mode will automatically be removed.


For the users who cancel the subscription but still go ahead with using the free version of Spotify then the playlist will still be available to you, which you can easily access by visiting the history. The users who wish to delete the account altogether will lose complete access to the playlist and it will no more be available.

Also, deleting the Spotify account means that your username will no longer remain in use and you will not be able to use student discounts available for your Spotify account in any other account of the service till one year since the time you first signed up for Spotify.

Spotify Subscription Cancellation Process

As we have already discussed that it is advisable to cancel your paid subscriptions (if any) before moving ahead and deleting your Spotify account. Well, here comes the tricky part. The process of canceling the subscription for the Spotify services depends on how you set it up in the first place. It means you need to identify the mode through which you first signed up and subscribed to the services, such as iTunes, Google Play Store, etc.

Subscription Cancellation Through Spotify Website

If you subscribed to Spotify Premium via the website directly, here are the steps to cancel it.

  • In your web browser open the Spotify website and enter your credentials to log in to your Spotify account.
  • In the left corner of the page, you will notice the “Account Management” tab, make sure to click on it.
  • Then, notice at the bottom of the screen there will be a tab saying “Change plan”. Select the tab.
  • Next, go to the “Free” segment and then choose the option for “Cancel Premium”. As you do this, next you need to follow the instructional prompts as they appear on the screen one after another in order to get done with the cancellation process.
  • Finally, you will be asked to confirm the cancellation of the subscription to which you need to select “Yes, Cancel”.
Learn How To Delete Your Spotify Account And Cancel The Subscription

This ensures that you have successfully canceled the Spotify premium subscription. Once you are done, do not forget to visit the cancellation page where you can check the end date of the subscription and also give your feedback that can be sent further by clicking on “Submit” which is at the bottom of the page.

Spotify Subscription Cancellation for iTunes

Those who have used iTunes clearly know that the service lets the users sign up for various other subscriptions through payment modes available for Apple ID. In case you used this mode to subscribe to Spotify’s paid services, here are the steps to cancel the subscription.

  • In your iPhone go to the settings option and then select the option for “iTunes and App Store”.
  • Then, select your Apple ID that is available at the top of the screen and as a pop-up window appears, select the option for “View Apple ID”.
  • Next, choose the option or “Subscriptions”.
  • Then, identify the option for “Spotify subscription” which is among the list, and click on it.
  • Finally, choose the option to “Cancel Subscription”.

This will make sure that your subscription to Spotify gets canceled. However, you can easily access the services till the time your billing date is valid. Similarly, those who have subscribed to the services via any other app or service provider must follow the instructions as offered by them.

How do I cancel my Spotify Subscription? Learn in video tutorial

Process to Delete your Spotify Account

After you are done with canceling the subscription, you can move ahead to delete your Spotify account. This can easily be done by reaching out to Spotify directly and request permanent deletion. The users must note that once your account is closed, you can not recover it. After that, you would need to set up a new account with a fresh username, just like the way you did earlier.

Steps to permanent delete your Spotify Subscription

  • First of all, you need to go to the Spotify cancellation page and choose the option “Account”.
  • Next, move to the “I want to close my account” option.
  • Select the option “Contact to close”.
  • Here, you would need to fill the information form. Once done, select the option to “Start chat”.

You will be connected to a Spotify representative to whom you can share your request of deleting the account permanently. A confirmation email will be sent to you at the registered email address as the process gets completed.

You must understand that if you chose to cancel your subscription only then it can be reactivated anytime you wish. However, a closed account cannot be re-opened and one needs to create another account on Spotify. You will lose access to the account and all the data related to it as you chose to close the account.

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