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How do I setup my Norton core router?

Let me be honest I couldn’t setup my Norton router so I just took a premium subscription of myQuery and they did all well.

How do I setup my Norton core router?

Norton by the Symantec Corporation has come up with a unique feature of setting up a Norton Core router to create a secure Wi-Fi network at your home or office premises. For setting up the Secure Wi-Fi network, you should have 4 things handy with you.  Norton core package subscription Smartphone (Android or IOS) A…

How do I contact Norton to cancel my subscription?

My friend’s account was renewed automatically without any prior information, he needs a refund but couldn’t be retrieved even after 15 days of application. How do I approach to NortonLifeLock for a complete refund?

Norton auto renewal is too expensive, Can I buy Norton instead of renewing?

Norton services and security are really good but they charge very high compared to others but if you are using it properly, it wouldn’t cost you much. And people who are using it must be aware of Norton’s marketing plan, initially, they provide cheaper (for newbies) subscription plans and renewals are higher.

How to renew Kaspersky license with activation code 2021?

Kaspersky is a good software but it is a little bit hard to activate Kaspersky for a non-technical person. I’m also not a tech giant but as I have used Kaspersky, you can follow the below steps- Go to the Kaspersky app Find Enter activation code on the main app Enter license details Click on…

How do I remove a device from my Norton account?

I want to remove my Norton 360 and want to re-install but there is some problem with the Norton RnR tool. How do I solve it?

What is the best printer under £200?

There are many factors which you should consider before making this decision. You need to weigh these factors so that you can make the most informed decision on what printer will be good for your business. We have reviewed some of the top rated printers below at prices under £200, so that you only have…

Why does MacKeeper keep popping up on Chrome?

MacKeeper is a rogue security app that masquerades as legitimate. Once installed, it changes your browser settings to use its own search engine and guides you to other apps on the web. The most common reason why MacKeeper would show up as a suggested app is because your browser may be infected with malware (malicious…

How do I cancel my NortonLifeLock membership online?

How to Cancel Automatic Renewal Norton To avoid future automatic payment and renewal, follow the steps in this article to switch off or cancel Norton automatic renewal service for your product. If you have a new Norton product and need to cancel the service on an older product, you no longer use, follow these steps….

My Norton installer is not working properly due to an error that occurred during liveupdate, why?

Norton may not properly work if your Norton Security is not updated to the latest version, do check with your Norton version. If you’re not able to update your version automatically please contact our support team.

Why my Norton password manager not working in Chrome?

If you’re facing any issue with Norton Password Manager please check you have a working internet connection and logged into your Norton account. If your Norton Password Manager isn’t working fine please check that you have an updated version and your account is not expired yet.