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How do I recover my Bitdefender activation key?

I have a Lenovo laptop and I was using the premium version of BitDefender, but due to some technical issues in my system I had to format my laptop and I lost my BitDefender activation key, is there any way to recover my activation key?

How do I turn off Bitdefender for system restore?

I have a separate backup application and I don’t want to use this feature. How do I turn off this feature?

Unable to update the Bitdefender application, why?

I have switched from Norton to BitDefender but this issue is making me confused, did I make a mistake by switching? There are many issues with BitDefender but being unable to update is the major issue.

Norton auto renewal is too expensive, Can I buy Norton instead of renewing?

Norton renewal system is absolutely pathetic, I haven’t seen anywhere such kind of expensive renewals. I don’t recommend people to buy NortonLifeLock’s any products.

McAfee taking unauthorised payments from my account- why?

McAfee took 89.99 pounds from my grandfather’s account and it was also deducted last year the same amount and he’s not using his computer for the last 18-20 months. Can he get a refund?

How do I contact Norton to cancel my subscription?

Hello, my Norton account details are as follows and I need my money refund Product Key : HRA75PT************* Order Number: AP2532***** Card last 4 digits: 6*** Renewal Date: 25 Mar 2022 Product: Norton 360 I have intimated to the support agents as well, unfortunately, after holding for more than 50 minutes my call got ended….

How do I cancel a Microsoft Office 365 subscription and get a refund?

Last month I checked my bank account statement and I found 3-4 services that were charged and I didn’t even use them, I decided to cancel them all and Microsoft 365 subscription was also one of them. Instead of contacting each companies and requesting them, I decided to opt myQuery Premium subscription, and the rest…

Norton auto renewal is too expensive, Can I buy Norton instead of renewing?

I couldn’t get an answer that why such big companies do such kinds of stupid things, why don’t they think about the customer loyalty programs. When a customer decides to keep continue with the company they should be rewarded as loyalty discounts but these companies do the opposite. 🙁

McAfee taking unauthorised payments from my account- why?

Let me tell you that the renewal system of McAfee is really the worst. They will charge you but don’t tell you, after holding for hours their customer service team told me that you don’t qualify for a McAfee refund. The experience of McAfee is really horrible.