[Solved] What to do if Windows Defender not working?

Can't Turn On Windows Defender

There are times when Windows Defender would not turn on, leaving a device unprotected. Check the settings of Windows Defender real-time security if it won’t turn on in Windows 10.When Windows Defender doesn’t turn on, it’s sometimes because of the date and time settings.We often hear people complain that they can’t toggle on Windows Defender in Windows 10, so we’ve decided to share some solutions with you today.

Some examples of Windows Defender Problems

  • I’m unable to activate Windows Defender. Group Policy in Windows 10

If you get this mistake, read about Group Policy Editor and Windows Defender in our post.

  • I’m unable to disable Windows Defender. Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating.



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This issue will prevent you from turning off Windows Defender if you want to move to another antivirus program.

How to solve Windows Defender issues in Windows 10?

Real-time security check

To access the charms search, press the Windows key + Q on the keyboard. In the search box, type Windows Defender and then press Enter. Check the box for Switch on real-time defense in the Settings menu.

If Windows Defender detects any other third-party antivirus software, it will turn itself off. When you have two or more antivirus programs installed, Windows is programmed to detect them all, and this may cause some problems.

Conflicts between antivirus software can result in frequent freezing, program crashes, and other problems.

Since this is a common issue, Windows Defender can turn itself off if Windows detects some other security application to prevent any conflicts.

Ask a question to experts about Windows Defender issue.

Furthermore, if this protection program includes a firewall, Windows Firewall will be turned off as well.

This means you’ll have to pick between Windows Defender and third-party antivirus apps if you want Windows Defender to function.

Users are often unaware of whether security software is installed because most new laptops come with a trial version of antivirus software such as Norton, McAfee, and others.

Installing applications such as Flash or Java can prompt you to uninstall the free security scanner, which can cause issues.

If you’re unsure whether security software is installed or not, it’s best to check your computer. You may need to manually switch it back on after you’ve removed it.

Modify the date and time

 Another reason why Windows Defender isn’t working properly is that the time and date on Windows 10 are wrong. To fix this, check your time and date and set it to the correct value before attempting to reactivate Windows Defender.We understand that this may seem unusual, but most Windows system functions are time and date based, so an incorrect date or time may cause abnormal behavior in your Windows OS.

To secure yourself, use specialized Software

While Windows Defender is an important feature of your operating system, you can use professional software if it isn’t working properly. This software is continuously improved by its creator through updates, allowing it to detect and fix the new malware that emerges.

Test out the ultimate cyber security kit to ensure your online security. This program was designed for users who want complete protection from online threats.

As a result, you’ll get extra fraud protection as well as a user-friendly password management feature. It is compatible with all four operating systems, so feel free to install and use it on Windows, Android, Mac, or Linux computer.

With this software’s sophisticated antivirus technology, you can keep your digital identity secure from unwanted third parties. This application will also secure your personal information from phishing and ransom ware attacks.

If you want more protection for your files, you can encrypt them as well as removable media. This is a professional program that helps you stay organized by saving and organizing your passwords.

Make a Windows update

Select Update & Security from the Update & Security menu in the Start menu. Choose Check for updates from the Windows Update menu. Make sure you use Windows Update to keep your Windows up to date, as this can cause issues with Windows Defender. When it comes to security apps, make sure to upgrade them regularly. We recommend running a complete Windows Update, then opening Windows Defender and running an update from there.

Alter the Proxy Server

Select Command Prompt by pressing Windows key + X. (Admin).Fill in one of the following fields:

Check to see if the machine works after a reboot. These are the most popular scenarios that can cause issues with Windows Defender, but there are a few less common scenarios that can also cause problems. Incorrect Zone settings in Internet Explorer, for example, can trigger issues, but this is easily remedied by resetting Internet Explorer to factory defaults.

Keep in mind the Windows Defender will not update if you are using a proxy server. If that’s the case, you’ll need to make a few changes to your Proxy server.

Turn off some third-party antivirus software

Third-party antivirus applications don’t get along with Windows Defender. Antivirus applications, like any other software, don’t get along. If you want Windows Defender to be your primary security choice, make sure you turn off any third-party antivirus software you have installed.

Perform an SFC scan.

Open Command Prompt as Administrator by going to Search and typing cmd.

Press Enter after entering the following line:


Wait for the procedure to complete.

Run your machine again.

DISM should be run

  • Open Command Prompt as Administrator by going to Search and typing cmd.
  • On the command line, type the following command:

If the DISM cannot obtain files from the internet, try using your installation USB or DVD. Insert the appropriate media and enter the following command:

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:C:RepairSourceWindows /LimitAccess

Make sure the next route on your DVD or USB is replaced:


Restart the Security Center operation if it hasn’t already been restarted

  1. Go to the Search box and type in as well as open Services
  2. The Security Center service can be found here.
  3. Reset the Security Center service by right-clicking it.
  4. Run your machine again.

How to Fix Windows Defender if Not Turning ON

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