McAfee Safe Connect VPN: What It Is and How to Use It

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McAfee is one of the popular antiviruses in the market due to its unique and different features. McAfee Safe Connect VPN connects your system to the internet via a virtual private network (VPN). McAfee Safe Connect uses by default AES 256 bit encryption. This encryption helps you to protect your privacy of the system and identity through encryption. This encryption prevents unauthorized reading of your system data.McAfee safe connect also helps you to access the blocked websites and browse the internet.

What is McAfee’s Safe connect VPN?

It is not any antivirus product, so McAfee antivirus doesn’t protect your system from vulnerable or virus attacks. It is advisable to install the McAfee LiveSafe or Total protection to protect your machine from malware.

Benefits of McAfee safe connect VPN:

McAfee VPN, such as Safe Connect, increases the privacy of your system and commonly used in business to protect the confidential data from unauthorized access. VPN allows the employees to connect to the office network through any network such as thepublic or home network securely. McAfee Safe Connect VPN is becoming more famous for home users for maintaining the privacy and security of your system.

The VPN will replace the IP address of your machine with a different IP address and hide your location effectively. So your physical location could be different, and your device displays a different location. The VPN also encrypts the data from
unwanted and unauthorized users, so any third party person refrains from reading your communications.

Your system browser still captures and holds the cache and history when VPN is enabled; it means VPN won’t stop the browser application.

Why use McAfee Safe Connect VPN?

If you are browsing the internet using a public network such as coffee shops, malls, airports, your system is vulnerable to many threats like the man in the middle, etc. Hackers or cybercriminals use such public networks to connect to your system and steal your private, confidential passwords, and data. McAfee safe connect encryption saves your data from these hackers and cybercriminals.

McAfee Safe Connect supports:

  • Android devices running 4.4 or more versions are supported by the McAfee safe connect VPN
  • IOS 9.0 and later are supported by Safe connect VPN
  • All Windows 8.x and 10. X versions are supported by safe connect VPN


How to use McAfee safe connect?

McAfee safe connect is easy to use, if you are facing any issues, you can take the help of self troubleshooting option, go to the setting and click on the troubleshooting and review the topics associated with your problem. McAfee’s technical support team is always ready to help you. For any technical issues, you can directly contact the customer support team.

McAfee VPN Price

McAfee VPN pricing can be view on the official McAfee site. For detailed pricing information please talk to our customer service department.

Stay safe using McAfee Safe Connect [Video Guide]

McAfee VPN Download for Windows/Mobile/Mac


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