Why does Norton automatic renewal ripoff?

Why does Norton automatic renewal ripoff?

Why does Norton renewal ripoff? My subscription was renewed by NortonLifeLock at £89.99 and I can clearly see the same subscription is available on Amazon at a much lesser price of £25 to 35. This is a very frustrating experience of renewal with Norton.

Peter Owens Answered question March 9, 2022

In an age when cyber-threats are more prevalent than ever, having a powerful antivirus application is essential. Norton has been a fantastic option in the fight against internet threats for many years.

Customers have been outraged by a new modification to Norton’s Internet Security software, described as humiliating, predatory, and – without a doubt – a total disgrace.

In this article, we examine Norton’s decision to require card payment information and an opt-in to a subscription model even when the product is purchased through a third party – which is far less expensive.

Norton holds its customers hostage, refusing to activate the product unless payment information is provided. They charge outrageous amounts under the subscription model, as we will reveal.

The Basics

When we start an article, we usually provide some context — in this case, about the importance of internet security and even a brief history of Norton. But, because we’re itching to expose Norton’s awful strategy, we’ll supply a couple of phrases before diving in.

Because a computer can be infected with a variety of viruses, internet security is essential. They can render a computer inoperable, steal passwords and sensitive data such as credit card numbers.

Internet security solutions are available to help mitigate this. When it comes to internet security, Norton is one of the most well-known firms. Other well-known brands include McAfee and Kaspersky.

It was usually as simple as inputting a product code, downloading the software, and repeating the procedure the following year. There’s no monthly fee, no hidden fees, simply £14.99 for five devices.

However, you must now supply your credit card information as a condition of registering. You can’t opt-out of automatic renewal after it’s been set up. You will not be able to use Norton unless you enter your information.

There is a simple solution to this, and many people will dismiss the entire debate as a dispute in a teacup. You can switch off auto-renewal and repeat the process year after year. Claim a Norton refund from the official site.

Yes, that is a straightforward solution, but how many people have the technological know-how to implement it? They often don’t realize what they’re signing up for, and the charges are buried deep in the fine print.

If you forget to switch off auto-renewal, you’ll be besieged with pop-ups and windows as the year draws to a conclusion.

The Reaction

Fortunately, it appears that a large number of individuals are rejecting Norton and their heinous and exploitative tactics. Norton’s TrustPilot rating has plummeted, with many users expressing their displeasure.

Since the move, reviews for Norton on Amazon have been overwhelmingly unfavorable in recent months. Many people have indicated that they have been long-time Norton subscribers but are now abandoning the company.

But, sadly, a large number of individuals will fall for it, unaware of what they are joining up for. Then they get a rude awakening a year later when they discover a large quantity has been deducted from their account.

Is Norton 2021 still a good buy?

Yes, you may cancel the auto-renewal right now, but be prepared for Norton to send you regular reminders about your service’s impending expiration. When you sign up for auto-renewal, you won’t get any of these annoying pop-ups.

The reality is that Norton is a fantastic antivirus program; it’s a shame that they’ve turned to such sleazy techniques. We don’t think they deserve your money, but if you do want to buy a Norton product, we recommend sticking with Amazon and canceling Norton’s auto-renewal setting as soon as possible.

To summarize

We should clarify that we are not offended by Norton’s request for auto-renewals; everyone does it. Any business with a smidgeon of common sense would provide some auto-renewal service. However, they should never force their users to do so, as Norton is doing now.

We are enraged by Norton’s unethical tactics to force its users to pay exorbitant fees to renew a product that can be purchased for a fraction of the price elsewhere.

Refusing to Norton activate a product purchased elsewhere until auto-renewal is enabled unjustly abuses individuals unaware of the situation and mistreats Norton’s loyal, long-term consumers.

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