How to delete blank rows in excel shortcut?

How to delete blank rows in excel shortcut?

How to remove empty rows in excel at the bottom and in between rows. I have thousands of rows and hundreds of blank spaces and I want to remove all those blank rows. How do I delete those empty rows from my excel workbook? Is there any formula or shortcut to do this job?

Lucas Haynes Answered question July 6, 2021

How to delete empty rows in Excel

Step 1: Select the column first on which basis you want to delete rows

Select Column

Steps 2: On HOME tab go to the last option Find & Select

Excel Home X Find Select


Step 3: Click on Go To Special…

Go To Special


Step 4: Select Blanks option

Select Blanks


Step 5: Find the Delete ▷ option and click on down menu and select Delete Sheet Rows.

Delete Sheet Rows

That’s it. DONE. You will get the results like below-

Result After Process

All respected columns will also be deleted. I hope this has helped you. Please upvote this if you find this answer helpful.

Lucas Haynes Posted new comment August 18, 2021

Thank you @Jasmine it was really very helpful and exactly what I was searching for. Thanks for providing such a fast solution.

This is a good and helpful guide. Before this, I was doing it manually and it used to take 30 min to 90 min but now it just took 50 seconds to apply that formula. Kudos. 🙂

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