How to delete blank rows in excel shortcut?

How to delete blank rows in excel shortcut?

How to remove empty rows in excel at the bottom and in between rows. I have thousands of rows and hundreds of blank spaces and I want to remove all those blank rows. How do I delete those empty rows from my excel workbook? Is there any formula or shortcut to do this job?

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How to delete empty rows in Excel

Step 1: Select the column first on which basis you want to delete rows

Select Column

Steps 2: On HOME tab go to the last option Find & Select

Excel Home X Find Select


Step 3: Click on Go To Special…

Go To Special


Step 4: Select Blanks option

Select Blanks


Step 5: Find the Delete ▷ option and click on down menu and select Delete Sheet Rows.

Delete Sheet Rows

That’s it. DONE. You will get the results like below-

Result After Process

All respected columns will also be deleted. I hope this has helped you. Please upvote this if you find this answer helpful.

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Thank you @Jasmine it was really very helpful and exactly what I was searching for. Thanks for providing such a fast solution.

This is a good and helpful guide. Before this, I was doing it manually and it used to take 30 min to 90 min but now it just took 50 seconds to apply that formula. Kudos. 🙂

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