How long does a McAfee refund take?

How long does a McAfee refund take?

I have requested a refund for my auto-renewed subscription, it has passed 7 days but there are no transactions in my account. How many days does it take to credit in my account?
Should I contact McAfee customer service again for my McAfee refund?

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The McAfee auto renewal can be turned off easily. But what if you want to get a refund? It takes about 60 days to get your money back.

McAfee is one of the most popular antivirus companies around the world. It has over 200 million customers globally and has offices in more than 70 countries.

One of their most popular features is the auto-renewal, where you’ll need to renew your subscription by default every year or two. The refunds are handled with a 60-day window, which means it will take some time before you see your money back in full amount on your credit card statement.

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