How to Fix the “Norton Error 3048, 3”

Many users have complained of an error called ‘Norton Error 3048, 3′ appearing at times while using the internet and it seems to display at random frequencies and the users have claimed its occurrence only during occasional browsing sessions. The issue comes mainly with systems that are installed with Norton Internet Security on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

What Causes the ‘Norton Error 3048, 3’?

While investigating this specific problem, looking at several user reports and the relevant repair strategies used to solve the error, our experts came onto some points that prove that there are various common offenders that have possibly triggered this ‘Norton Error 3048, 3.’ Error such as:

  • Passing update server issue – If it doesn’t occur repeatedly then it’s temporary and will likely be resolved in some time or at best, one can try using the LiveUpdate app from time to time until the update is installed.
  • Corrupt Norton Installation – Missing or corrupt files from the Norton installation can also cause this error and many users in a similar situation have stated resolving the issue by employing the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool.
  • Non-Functional AutoUpdate Feature – Another possibility for this error is the intermittent malfunctioning of the AutoUpdate feature, wherein the formal Norton documents recommends using the LiveUpdate function.

Troubleshoot Norton Error 3048, 3 with Video Tutorial

YouTube video

For those struggling to resolve this error, here are a few repair strategies that some users have used to resolve this issue previously. Visit www.Norton.com/setup to configure and activate Norton security.

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Strategy 1: Running Norton’s LiveUpdate Application

This is a classic strategy which is a basic procedure, suggested by Norton as well as many affected users that when updating with the latest version of LiveUpdate, the error is resolved completely.

Here’s a quick and simple guide on updating Norton Internet Security using LiveUpdate application and resolve the error:

Steps to Resolve Norton error 3048, 3

  • Open Norton Internet Security and click on Security.
  • Then, from the options, click on LiveUpdate.
  • Wait for the initial scan to complete and the LiveUpdate component will scan on its own and install the pending updates. After scan is completed, click on Apply Now to apply all pending updates.

*If update isn’t completed, restart the computer, if error persists, move onto Strategy 2.

Strategy 2: Putting the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool to Use

Using the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool can help resolve the error, designed to treat the points when the Norton installation gets corrupt. Follow the given instructions to uninstall and reinstall your Norton installation.

  1. Click (here)  to download the Norton Remove and Install tool (NRnR.exe).
  2. After completing the download, double-click on the Norton Remove and Install executable, hit Yes at the UAC (User Account Prompt) and then, click Agree at the License Agreement screen.
  3. From the next screen, click on Remove & Reinstall.

Tip: If your Norton product is from a service provider, you might also need to click the Remove button.

  • After the procedure is finished, click on Restart Now to reboot and then after startup, follow the given instructions to reinstall Norton Internet Security.
  • When the software gets reinstalled, you need to restart your computer again to check whether error has been resolved fully.

If you still experience the problem, then read the next strategy below.

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Strategy 3: Employing the Intelligent Updater

In case you didn’t succeed with above methods, then you can try resolving it with the Intelligent Updater. Many users facing similar error problems have stated resolving it after visiting the Intelligent Updater downloads page and downloading the latest definition sets.

Here’s how:

  1. Click (here) and choose the apt 32-bit Platform, then, choose a definition set corresponding to the Norton product employed to repair. Herein, we tried updating the definitions for Norton 22.7, so we downloaded the first executable installation.
  2. After completing the download, double-click on the installation executable and hit Yes to initiate installation.
  3. After installation finishes, restart the computer to check whether the ‘Norton Error 3048, 3′ error is fully resolved.

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