McAfee WebAdvisor

McAfee WebAdvisor helps you by notifying whether or not a a website is secure and keeps your computer system safe from dangerous threats such as phishing, malware attacks, etc.

In this world where the internet has become a necessity, there is almost nobody who doesn’t use services that are available online. While the internet makes our life easier and has proven itself to be a beneficial tool, there is always a risk of serious malware attacks even while you are just browsing a page.

McAfee WebAdvisor- This is when WebAdvisor comes to rescue!

With McAfee WebAdvisor security tool, you can prevent virus attacks from happening and proceed with your searches over the web without any worry. It is proficient at detecting malicious websites that could contain adware, spyware, viruses and phishing scams. Hence, it lets you surf the internet confidently, without having to worry about being under any kind of cyber attack.

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It Supports For Your Preferred Web Browser

Since the application is dedicated to websites, you can use it only with a web browser. It supports and blends in with most popular web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. And, the most important thing is that McAfee WebAdvisor does not slow down the performance rate or quality of your browser.

Clever Display of Threat Level

As you search for something on the internet, next to each link you can view small intuitive icons that inform you whether or not it’s safe to move ahead.

If you move the mouse cursor over the icon or click it, you can get some additional information too. Visit to setup and activate McAfee security.

Not only that, the application provides you a few options so you can make changes in the settings for a much more comfortable experience. A list of websites that you can trust can be occupied with all web pages you completely reply on, so you are not notified about them.

Extra-Protection With A Password

McAfee WebAdvisor provides you a strong security by letting you enable Password Protection. This is done to keep you away from potentially harmful websites while you browse online. This is the best feature for you if you are using a home computer or you wish to prevent kids from having kids from having access to certain web pages.

Not only that, you can also keep an eye on the downloads. You can always adjust the intensity of the scan of a file. This can be done by adjusting a slider with the possibility to set the application to warn you if and when a malicious or suspicious activity is detected. McAfee WebAdvisor is the best product in the market that skillfully creates a layer of protection and saves you and your loved ones from being exposed to the risks of cyber threats.

The Conclusion

All in all we have seen that McAfee is a powerful product that protects you from dangerous online activities. It is a very practical tool that you can work with to protect your work and home computer systems. Always having a layer of protection is much needed online, where you can easily get attacked by any virus and lose all your personal credentials, data and everything in a single minute.


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