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McAfee antivirus means great computer and network protection

McAfee SiteAdvisor Internet protector offers highly efficient and reliable protection against cyber threats. It comes with analysis tools that are ever engaged in testing and locating new sites and even analyses in detail the chance of being spammed. The colour coding that it adds to your search results can tell whether visiting a site will be safe or unsafe. What’s great, it can locate only the malicious content from a site that is otherwise safe. It also comes with a complete personal firewall to safeguard the network. If you need any help with the installing, configuring or set up of your McAfee antivirus, call our McAfee technical support phone number for instant support.



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McAfee quick scan sees to it that your work does not get delayed

It takes your McAfee antivirus a little less than half an hour to scan your computer completely. On doing so, it fixes any problems it finds, and advises you to quarantine certain programs. Repeat scans take only a few minutes. And you may have to reboot for complete cleanup of the system. There are many options you can choose from to scan. There are automatic updates at times when the device is not under any kind of heavy use. And you do not need to be a technical expert to run a scan. And in case you need any help, our toll free number is always available to reach instant McAfee technical support.

The sophisticated features of McAfee antivirus makes it stand apart

The McAfee antivirus comes with a Digital Data Shredder that can go through each file and destroy them permanently when required. Not applicable for day to day use, this feature comes in handy when you loaned your computer to someone and are taking it back. It is also useful when you want to repair the computer. Its QuickClean program deletes all browsing traces, sent emails and temporary files. It lets you preview before deleting, so that you can keep the files you want to save. If you need any help with your antivirus troubleshooting, you can choose online chat or dial the contact number of our McAfee technical support number.

McAfee antivirus is highly user friendly

When you install the McAfee antivirus software, the first thing you notice is that its layout differs from most other antivirus software. The navigation windows are tall and narrow and the drawer tabs are neither on top nor down on left hand side but rather are placed horizontally. You will find the software overall easy for use and you can put the scan mode on auto pilot or set up your scans like you want. You must however remember that, updating your antivirus time to time enables you to stay more protected against different new and sophisticated malware. If you ever need any help with that, call our contact number to contact McAfee technical support help UK.

Ease that comes with McAfee antivirus software

Installing the McAfee software is easy. You do not face any problem to install it even on an infected computer. It needs 500 MB of free disk space and 1 GHz processor. The antivirus effectively protects against worms, viruses, Trojans, bots, spyware and rootkits. The customer service is helpful and the FAQs and video tutorials help anyone looking to solve an error. However, if you cannot resolve the error, cannot connect to customer care and are pressed for time, remember our third party service is a great alternative for instant resolution of all your antivirus and even PC related problems. Do not let a minor issue become a reason for you to leave your device unprotected. Call us for solving any antivirus errors on our McAfee technical support helpline number.

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