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Keyloggers are one of the most infamous security threats of the internet today. Not only they are hard to detect, the damage they cause go beyond infecting the computer with malware. There are viruses that create major as well as minor damages. While a virus may be written to damage a hard drive, make a computer crash or steal some files, keylogger almost always has an aim as sinister as stealing personal, banking and financial information. Yes, there are ways to keep keylogging attempts at bay and while no protection is 100% effective, they sure reduce the amount of risk you are subjected to considerably. Our McAfee antivirus renewal team brings you a few such effective measures below.




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A strong firewall – For a keylogger to work, it has to send information to the third party and for that it needs to use the internet. So a reliable firewall is a great idea as it monitors your internet traffic closely. When it spots a program trying to send out data, the firewall will either show a warning or ask for consent. McAfee Personal Firewall is simple and easy to customize. Its monitoring efficiency is also quite efficient, blocking IP addresses promptly when necessary. To protect against keyloggers and other hacking attempts, always make sure your McAfee renewal subscription is done on time.

A password manager – How do keyloggers work? By following your key strokes to identify vital information like user names and passwords. They do not take up enough bandwidth to be identified easily or quickly. If there is one disadvantage of keyloggers, it is that, they can’t get access to information that you do not type. Most major browsers come with this option and some computers come with this inbuilt software. Here, your password is susceptible only the first time as then onwards, the password is filled in automatically by your computer. Apply it on your computer today (provided it is not available to a lot of people for use). If you need help with generating your McAfee renewal key, call our toll free number for our technicians to help you instantly.

Update all software regularly – One of the most proactive steps you can take to secure your computer and network is to update all your software at regular intervals. Like most other malware, keyloggers are quick to spot and exploit software vulnerabilities. Even with the most popular software, OS and apps, there are continuous vulnerability detections, reason why so many update notifications pop up. It takes up some time, yes. But when you postpone the update for weekend, you leave your device and data vulnerabilities at the chance of hackers not coming across it – always a risky proposition. While our technicians at McAfee renewal phone number help you troubleshoot your antivirus errors, our panel of specialists believe there are simple steps that you can take to combat these modern evils more effectively. Any confusion? We are always just a call away!

Change passwords often – When you change your password often, you minimize the change of a keylogger attack. How? That is because most hacking attempts are not directed at a specific person, but rather the hackers gather several such id’s and passwords for future exploitation. Sometimes they even sell it to others like them. Now say, if your password was supposedly stolen yesterday and you change your password in every few weeks’ time, when they try to hack into your computer after a month or more, they cannot do it. So while you take advantage of your McAfee antivirus promo code, make sure to create a long and strong password and change it often.

If you follow these simple steps, you will considerably strengthen your security process. Our technical team is always there, to help you over the phone or by taking remote access over your computer, with any error or issue that you need to troubleshoot. We are a fairly large team, meaning you will not have to be on a long hold in a very busy day. We are quick to detect an error and all our technicians having proficient communication experience, which means they explain how to resolve any error in baby steps that anyone can follow. So when you need McAfee antivirus renewal help, you know who to give a ring!

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