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Malicious software in the forms of viruses, Trojans or worms causes several types and levels of damages to computers. They can delete, copy or alter data, spread to other devices in the network, compromise computer security or create backdoors for hackers to take remote access on a computer. Then there are security risks in the form of spyware or adware. Though many of them are less risky than viruses or worms, any malware can cause considerable obstacles to your system performance and network use. Come find out with McAfee Support UK how malware affects your computer.


Any software that operates in your system takes us some of its resources. It can be the network bandwidth, hard drive storage, computer memory or CPU processing power. Malicious software is a threat to their performance. Such malware use up extra memory, network or processor resources as they work for their own agenda, monitor keystrokes, search for confidential information and more often than not, send the data to a centralized location. Keep upgrading your McAfee antivirus to counter latest threats from sophisticated malware. Need any help with it? Call our expert technicians at our McAfee Customer Support Number.


There is time lost due to system slowdown caused by the parasitic malware. And it does not end there as then there are the nonstop stream of advertisements that you have to keep closing while finding your way through redirected session to what you are originally looking for. The people working on administration are also overwhelmed trying to counter user issues that surface from security risks on the network and devices.

Disagreeable Content

Constant pop up advertisements and unintentional browser redirection often results in different security risks, often in the form of inappropriate content or graphics. From interrupting work to making co-workers feel harassed, this undesirable content can go as far as bringing lawsuits against a person or a business. For those who implement the efficient McAfee antivirus to deny access to any such malicious software, feel free to get in touch with us at McAfee technical help department for any assistance you require with installing, set up or configuration of your antivirus.




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Once a malware like spyware gets installed in a device, it can perform different activities without the user finding out about them. You can guess very well, to what extent such opportunity can be used to cause threat to a network’s security. What may be designed as a computer game, animated cursor, screen saver or toolbar can carry vicious viral threats to your computer.

Data Theft

Infamous Trojans pave the way for hackers to steal all confidential information, relating to you or your customer can cause irreparable damage. Such data can be used to clean off your bank account, use or credit or commit crimes using your identity. Businesses that are involved in research or deal with trade secrets have much to lose when they become victims to such scams. It may also cause involuntary violation on your part of a data protection act, bringing in law suits, ill reputation or massive operational loss.


McAfee antivirus, with its on-access file scanner, both inbound & outbound firewall protection, spyware protection, daily definition updates, X ray rootkit detection and constant monitoring, is the perfect investment for personal and business security. Its SiteAdvisor provides safety rating of individual websites to keep its users free from any kind of security attack. Browse safe with your McAfee antivirus installed and working. For any disturbance, error message or enquiries, remember our expert technicians at McAfee antivirus help team is only a call away.

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