Why Does McAfee Slow Down a Computer?

Do you think after installing McAfee your system got slower? Find does McAfee slow down your computer, really? McAfee Antivirus program is a well-known antivirus in the market. It offers a range of different software programs with advanced technological solutions. However, due to this entire software package, some computer systems may face the slowing down problem. Especially old machines face these kinds of issues more. McAfee antivirus program performs the deep scanning of your machine, which may utilize more RAM and bandwidth. Ultimately this will affect the system performance. Below are some specific scenarios which might slow down your computer systems:

Does McAfee Really Slow Down Your Computer?

McAfee Automatic Scan

McAfee software program is designed with the main feature of the automatic scanning of your machine. This automatic scan is usually scheduled at a particular time, like once in a week. Consider a scenario where you are busy with important work, and McAfee’s background scanning process starts automatically at a particular time period. This scan uses a lot of RAM and bandwidth of your machine, and your processor speed decreases drastically. This may eventually affect the performance of your system.



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A workaround for this problem is to set the automatic scan while the computer is in sleep mode or pause / disable the automatic scan for a specified period. Set a reminder to scan your machine at a particular time, don’t forget the scanning.

A full Computer system scan

McAfee antivirus software comes with an entire system scan facility that scans your system overnight or when you are away from the system. This full scan uses a lot of power from your computer systems processor. So if you are trying to perform any other operations, it is difficult as McAfee software checks all the files and folders while scanning.

A solution for this is to defragment your systems hard drive; this will reduce the time of the full scan. The defragmented files are easy to scan.

Insufficient Hardware

If your computer system is old, you may face this slow down issue more frequently. McAfee antivirus software system requirement is Minimum 512 MB RAM for Windows XP and 2 GB of RAM for Windows Vista and Windows 7 with 500 MB free space and 1GHz processor. The best solution is to upgrade the system.

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 How to fix this issue?

You can change the McAfee settings and customize it as per requirement. Instead of enabling the full version of McAfee, you can disable the McAfee surveillance for regular daily websites like Amazon or regular websites. This will save time for scanning of all the sites.

When you start your computer, McAfee antivirus program starts automatically. This process also uses a lot of processor power. Open the command prompt and type “MSConfig“, this will open the page. Uncheck all options related to McAfee related files.

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