How to Cancel YouTube TV Free Trial

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YouTube TV is a streaming service based in the United States that provides live television from various networks. On a variety of devices, users may watch shows, live sports, and much more. YouTube Originals and trending YouTube videos are also available through the service.

What You Should Know About the Cancel YouTube TV Free Trial

Youtube Tv

A modest amount will be levied to your credit card as soon as your free trial begins, and it will appear on your account. YouTube TV does this to ensure that your credit card is active. The company will refund the same amount to your credit card after they’ve confirmed it.

How long does the YouTube TV free trial last?

What Happens When My YouTube TV Free Trial Is Over?

If you cancel your YouTube TV free trial subscription, you will lose access to the service instantly.

How Do I Manually Cancel a YouTube TV Free Trial?

If you want to cancel your YouTube TV free trial on your own, you can do it using any of the following devices:

  1. Android device
  2. iPhone or iPad
  3. Computer

On an Android device, you can cancel the free trial of YouTube TV.

On an Android device, you should do the following to cancel your trial run:

  • Go to your device’s app store and download the YouTube TV app.
  • In the top-right area of the screen, click on your profile photo.
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Then you’re a member.
  • Pause or terminate your membership by tapping the pause button.
  • Choose one of the reasons for canceling by clicking Cancel.
  • To proceed, tap the Continue canceling option, then click Cancel membership to confirm.

Cancellation via iPhone and iPad, as well as PC

It’s worth noting that the iPhone and iPad apps don’t have a cancellation capability. On these devices, you can cancel your YouTube TV free trial using the mobile web browser. In the desktop web browser, follow the same steps to cancel your YouTube TV subscription.

The following are the steps you should take:

  • Log in to your YouTube account at
  • Go to the Settings page.
  • Select the link to pause or cancel your membership.
  • To cancel your membership, click the Cancel button.
Cancel Youtube Tv

Alternatives to YouTube TV that are the Most Popular

Take a look at the table below to see what the most popular YouTube TV alternatives are.

Americans waste $348 every year on memberships they don’t use, which is a significant sum of money. People frequently sign up for services to forget about them aftera few days.

The subscription tracker can help you keep track of all the services you’re paying for but aren’t using.

If you have taken DoNotPay subscription, the following is how it works:

Your bank and email accounts are linked to the DoNotPay app.

All of your unused subscriptions are flagged.

You can decide whether or not to cancel your subscriptions once you receive all of the facts.

We’ll propose canceling them on your behalf.

myQuery features another virtual credit card—that prevents your money from being routed towards services you might not use in the future.

Because our free trial card is not linked to any funding source, you can register for a free trial without worrying about getting auto-charged once the trial period is up.

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Youtube TV Subscription Related FAQs

Q. Can you cancel YouTube TV free trial and not get charged?

Ans: YouTube TV offers a free trial for new customers. You can cancel the YouTube TV free trial at any time and not get charged.
The only way to cancel the YouTube TV free trial is by contacting customer service and requesting to cancel your subscription.
You can’t cancel the YouTube TV free trial through the app or online.

Q. How do you cancel YouTube Free Trial 2021?

Cancelling YouTube Free Trial 2021 is not as hard as you think. There are two ways of cancelling the free trial:
1) Log into your account and click on “My Subscriptions”.
2) Click on the “Cancel Subscription” button.
We hope that this article was helpful in explaining how to cancel your free trial.

How do I cancel my 3 months free trial of YouTube Premium?

The cancellation process is very easy. The steps are as follows:
1. Sign in to your YouTube TV account
2. Click on “Cancel Membership” under the “My Account” tab
3. Select the option that best suits your needs
4. Confirm your cancellation

Why did YouTube TV charge me for free trial?

YouTube TV is an online streaming service that offers live TV channels for a monthly fee.
The only way to get the free trial of YouTube TV is to sign up for it. After the trial period ends, they will charge you for the subscription fee.
If you want to cancel your free trial, you can do it in your account settings in YouTube TV.
The cancellation process takes about 24 hours and you will not be charged any fees during this time period.

Why can’t I cancel my YouTube TV subscription?

The YouTube TV cancellation process is quite complicated. First, you need to cancel the YouTube TV channel on your TV provider account. Then, you need to cancel the YouTube TV channel on your phone or tablet. Finally, you need to cancel the YouTube TV channel on your computer or laptop.
In order to understand why it’s so difficult to cancel a YouTube TV subscription, we have to look at how a traditional cable subscription works. Cable providers require a contract and charge an early termination fee if you choose to cancel your service before the contract expires. With traditional cable service, canceling is much easier because there are no contracts and no penalties for cancelling before the contract ends.

How do I end my YouTube subscription?

If you want to end your YouTube subscription, you can do so in three different ways.
1. You can go to YouTube and click on the “Subscription” tab at the top of the page. From there, click on “End Subscription”.
2. You can also go to your account settings by clicking on your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the screen and then clicking on “Subscriptions”.
3. Finally, if you’re using a mobile device, you can open up YouTube and tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner of the screen and then tap on “Account Settings”. From there, select “Subscription” and then select “End Subscription.”

What is the free trial period for YouTube TV?

There is no free trial for YouTube TV. You can start a 7-day free trial of YouTube TV by signing up with your Google account. After the 7-day trial, you will be charged $65 + taxes per month for YouTube TV.

Can I cancel YouTube Premium before the trial ends?

YouTube Premium is YouTube’s paid subscription service that provides users with ad-free videos, background play, and access to the original content. It offers features like “YouTube Music” and “YouTube TV.”
You can cancel your YouTube Premium trial before the end of the trial period. You can do this by going to your account page on or in the app.
But you won’t be able to use YouTube Premium features during the time that you’re on a free trial. Once you cancel your trial, you’ll have access to the regular version of YouTube again.

Why can’t YouTube Premium cancel?

YouTube Premium is the premium membership service of YouTube that offers ad-free access to all videos, as well as access to exclusive content. It is currently available in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea.
The service was launched on November 13th 2018 and it costs USD$11.99 per month.
YouTube Premium has been criticized for not offering enough exclusive content for its price point.
The most common complaint is that YouTube Premium doesn’t offer enough original content like Netflix does with Stranger Things or The Crown.
Some people also believe that YouTube should be more transparent about its subscription model and consider lowering the price point for a monthly subscription or offer a free trial period before requiring people to sign up for an annual plan.

How does the YouTube free trial work?

YouTube offers a free trial to new users. This means that you can sign up and use the platform for free for a short period of time. The trial lasts seven days and after that, it charges you $64.99 per month.
This is how the YouTube free trial works:
– You sign up for the free trial
– You get access to all YouTube features
– After 7 days, YouTube charges $64.99+ taxes per month

Does YouTube Premium have a free trial?

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service that gives members the ability to watch YouTube without ads, download videos for offline viewing, and enjoy exclusive access to YouTube Originals.
Yes, YouTube Premium does have a free trial. It’s available for 14 days and there are no obligations or charges on your account if you cancel before the trial ends.
The free trial is only available in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea.

How do I disconnect YouTube on my TV?

The first step is to go to the YouTube app on your TV and select the “Sign out” option.
You can also disconnect by going to YouTube settings on your TV. From there, you can select “Disconnect from YouTube” or “Sign out”.

Does Youtube customer service has a complaint phone number in UK/USA?

Nope, youtube has no phone number to address such complaints, alternatively, you can contact myQuery to troubleshoot any customer service-related issues.

What happens after you cancel Youtube TV?

After you cancel Youtube TV, your subscription will be cancelled and you will not have access to the channel. The channel will also stop airing any new episodes or movies.
If you are still interested in watching the channel, you can just sign up for a new subscription. However, if this is not what you want to do, it’s best to delete your account so that nobody else can take over your account information and use it.

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