How do I cancel my Audible subscription? Audible Refund Policy

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In less than two minutes, you may cancel Audible subscriptions from your smartphone.

Audible is an Amazon-owned subscription business that creates and sells audiobooks, audio versions of newspapers and magazines, and TV and radio shows.

Manually canceling Audible

You can terminate your Audible subscription in several ways. You can close your account from any device (computer, tablet, or smartphone), but only if you use a web browser to do it. The Android and iOS apps do not allow you to cancel your Audible subscription.

Audible can be turned off over the phone.

  1. To reach the Audible customer service team.
  2. Make sure you have your account information on hand.
  3. Request that the customer service representative cancels your membership.

Your account will be canceled, and you will receive an email confirmation.

Audible can be turned off from a web browser.

  1. Log in with your Audible/Amazon credentials.
  2. To get started, go to the Account Details page.
  3. Find and click “cancel membership” in the “View membership details” section.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

You will receive an email message once your subscription has been canceled.

Email Audible to cancel your subscription.

Request account cancellation by sending an email to “[email protected]”.

Remember to mention your full name as well as your registered email/phone. You will receive an email confirmation that your account has been closed in a day or two.

How myQuery helps you to Cancel Audible Membership?

Cancel Audible Membership

In the United Kingdom, Many apps that cancel subscriptions

It may take some time to cancel your Audible subscription, especially since you can’t do so through your tablet or smartphone apps. Another concern is that the customer service team does not always process cancellations on the same day. You may unsubscribe from Audible from your smartphone using an app, and the process will take less than two minutes.

We’ll send you an email as soon as we terminate your subscription.

Is it possible to put my Audible subscription on pause rather than canceling it?

Yes, you can put your Audible subscription on pause once per 12 months if you’re a monthly customer. Your account might be put on hold for one to three months. Users whose subscription plans do not generate credits or who created their accounts before 2006 are not eligible for this functionality.

Will my Audible subscription be refunded if I discontinue it?

You will not be refunded if you cancel your subscription. When you close your account, your member perks will also expire. You will still be able to access your account and listen to the books you purchased before the cancellation.

When my free trial with Audible expires, will I be charged?

Yes, it certainly will. All features are free for new Audible members for the first 30 days. You have the option to end your free trial at any moment. Your subscription will be automatically renewed, and your credit card will be charged if you do not cancel it before the trial period ends.

You will never be charged after your free trials!

Auto-renewals bring in a lot of money for subscription firms like Audible. Even though Audible will give you an email reminder one week before your free trial expires, it’s easy to forget to cancel it on time after you start it. If you fail to cancel your subscription on time, your credit card will be charged regularly, causing you a lot of grief.

If you want to avoid being charged after your trial, use any virtual credit card to sign up for Audible. Your credit card will not be trusted because Audible will not be able to discern the difference.

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Do you believe Audible has mistreated you? If you were disappointed with their services or cancellation process, you could sue the firm to obtain your money back.

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